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Exercise with hula hoop allows you to get feminine shapes, burn calories, improve well-being and fight stress, in addition, we will slim your figure, firm your thighs and buttocks, make your skin more elastic-we will get a ‘wasp’ deck, and massaging aids will help us carve a flat tummy.
If you are looking for a new way of doing gymnastics, then this is a great opportunity to start the most fashionable workout. The innovative circle that revolves around the entire waist ensures a simultaneous black massage, which makes it an excellent instrument for busy people who want to be able to train easily and uncomplicated regardless of time and place.

Anionic hula hop ANION 2

Coated with silver nanoparticles, gives off anions. What is an anion?

Anion is an atom with a negative charge.

The commonly found name is "negative ion". Ions are positively or negatively charged particles.
There is a lot of these electrically charged particles in the air.

The calmest and most vital regions of the world are filled with billions of negative ions.

The air around the mountains, waterfalls, beaches and forests are places where the level of ionization occurs in a natural and full balance.

After the storm, most of us feel very good.

This is due to the negative ions flowing down the rain, and then we feel fully in power.

The most favorable ratio of positive to negative ions for humans should amount to 5 to 4. In cities, where blocks of large slabs and brick-red houses dominate, we have a positive ion advantage. They generate fumes, asphalt, concrete and pollution from factories.

The proximity of positive ions causes mood deterioration, headache, poisoning of the body with toxins. Positive ions are also derived from:

– high voltage networks.
– heating appliances
– electric motors
– domestic electrical equipment.
Especially unfavorable for our health are:

– microwave ovens
– washing machines
– dishwashers
– electric kitchens
– driers
negative ions Positive ions
Blood vessels:

Blood vessels dilate blood vessels
Blood pressure:
Stabilize blood pressure Increases blood pressure
Ph blood reaction:

Increased alkalinity blood Increases blood acidity
Strengthening bones Weakening of bones
Urinary tract:
Increased levels of nitrogen in the urine Reduction in the level of nitrogen in the urine
Respiratory system:

Stabilize the breathing process

Make breathing easier

Make breathing faster

Impede breathing


Decrease heart rate Increase heart rate

Strengthen cardiac function Impairment of heart function

Accelerate the regeneration of forces Delay the process of regeneration of strengths
Burning fat-Hula hoop is an instrument that helps to effectively remove unnecessary kilograms. Specially designed soft massage balls, during exercise, put pressure on the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips and buttocks.
Effect of massage-Due to the strong pressure exerted directly on the muscles of the abdomen and the whole body, most users will feel a slight pain after two weeks of training. Remember to lose centimeters in the waist, gradually. Do not try to exercise too hard.
Easy assembly-Simple connector in the wheel, allows quick assembly and disassembly.

Hula hop is perfect for storage and very comfortable to travel.
Anionic effect-Improved anionic effect, the wheel has become a health-enhancing device
Savings-The innovative device is perfect for busy people who want to be able to train easily and uncomplicated regardless of time and place
Condition-Keep good condition and health thanks to negative ions.
Separation of ions-more than 1000 anions / cm3
Anionic effect Anions secreted by silver nanoparticles have a positive effect on our body.It can affect our well-being from negative ions, and negative ionization positively affects our well-being and our psychophysical efficiency.
Massage Unique, double system of balls massaging our body accelerates the burning of fat and positively affects the sense of well-being.
Workout Exercise with our Hula Hop is a great workout for the whole body.
Great fun Simple solutions are usually the best.

Thanks to the uncomplicated training method, which does not require complicated devices, we can do it even at home, watching TV or listening to music.

Diameter-110 cm
Weight-1.50 kg
Number of balls-80 anion massage beads
Material –

– polyethylene
– non-toxic PVC
– polypropylene
– tourmaline
– silver nanoparticles

Color-white and blue
Assembly kit-8 segments (4 white and 4 blue)

Instruction-in English
Made in Korea by Waryon Industries Co. LTD

Warning for new users of Hula Hop!

Before beginning the exercise, people with serious back problems, hip and knee joints are advised to consult a doctor.

– Some users, when using the device for the first time, in advanced mode of massage, may notice slight abrasions and skin and bruises, therefore it is recommended to wear appropriate clothing, which will prevent direct impact on the skin. If you feel any symptoms after two weeks, please consult your doctor.

– Massage balls can be a threat to babies and children. – During the exercise, we ask for caution in the presence of infants and pets and please be careful not to damage the household items.

Our clients recommend using a neoprene belt to minimize the risk of chafing and bruising in the first exercise period:

SMJ Sport neoprene belt
Do not put too much pressure on the foundation press or pull the connected fragments, because damage to the whole wheel may occur.

Brand: Jinpoli


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