butyl hall Adidas Questra in jr

butyl hall Adidas Questra in jr 1
Children’s halids from adidas!

Are you looking for shoes for your child?

Classic look is something you need?

Shoes 11Questra is the perfect offer for you.

The shoes of the renowned German brand adidas is a solid and timeless product.

Shoes modeled on professional football shoes or 11Pro.

Adidas halls ideally suited for school w-f.

The face of the 11Pro line is the captain of the German team Philipp Lahm.
Modeled on the 11Pro model!


– Level of advancement:

– Weight:
Vases size is 34-160 grams

– Footwear intended for:
Closed sports facilities Hale

– Dedicated to:
The youngest fans of football

– Upper made of:
Synthetic material imitating natural leather

– Sole type:
Indoor-provides optimal grip and comfort on the dance floor

Brand: Adidas


adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

adidas performance men samba classic indoor soccer shoe

  1. They feature a sleek suede upper with contrasting suede overlays, contrasting 3-Stripes and a pivot-point rubber outsole for grip.
  2. There’s a reason this legendary indoor shoe still sells like mad.
  3. Its soft leather upper and low-profile gum rubber outsole give the elite player ultimate control.
  4. I’m convinced that either my feet didn’t matter to me as much back then (I also lived in Doc Marten’s year-round and in any weather conditions, so I was probably just “tougher” back then 😛 )….or that they have SEVERELY changed the insole in these shoes over the years.
  5. I bought a pair at an Adidas outlet several years back.
  6. I seriously threw the shoes in the trash that night because I was so irritated with them.
  7. I figured I couldn’t possibly be the only person to think that these shoes were unfathomably uncomfortable.
  8. It seriously couldn’t have been a quicker or easier fix.
  9. Without this “hack”…these shoes would be a negative 15 in terms of any kind of comfort unless you like your shoes with a ridiculous amount of stiff arch-support.
  10. I put them on and after about 30 seconds my feet started to hurts from the absolutely ridiculous “arch support”.
  11. I quickly researched how to remove the foam from the insole, and got to work.
  12. Insert now perfect insole

    Now these shoes fit extremely well, and are much more comfortable.

  13. I look forward to breaking them in and loving them for years to come!<
  14. My last pair finally collapsed and was very pleased to have new Sambas.
  15. Thanks to the good Adidas folks in Vietnam who made the shoes.
  16. I have problems with fit because of my slightly wide feet, so leather footwear is a must.
  17. They were perfect at first, I thought getting my usual size was good but turns out they stretched and the length was to big.
  18. I know they will stretch after a few wears so they will fit perfect!<
  19. Not a whole lot of time, but that is because I play futsal on the street and that tends to abuse most shoes.
  20. But not these .These will last you longer than whatever else is on the market right now.
  21. If you are hesitant on buying a pair because of sizing, then go into a specialty shop or sporting goods shop and they will most likely carry these.
  22. I dont like it all because most of my shoes are flat so I’m not used to shoes with an arch.
  23. You can remove the arch by removing the insole and peeling off the foam where the support is.
  24. And there you go, you now have Sambas with no arch support.
  25. I wear them as a carpenter, climbing, kicking, and working in a rough environment where I’m always bending them, running them into sharp things, kicking stuff and being thankfully for the precision and grip they have on steep roofs, timbers and beams.
  26. The grip is A1 and they hug your foot as if you put on a thick sock and dipped it in rubber to make a perfect cast.
  27. The correct size is very important because of this, I went 1/2 size too large and it was so painful I took them off and walked in socks back to the store from my parking spot.
  28. Also, they have a small pad inside for extra arch support.
  29. It’s under the insole and can be removed as easy as removing a sticker from an apple.
  30. I keep a fresh pair at home for the weekend, they clean easy.
  31. Thanks Adidas, but make them in Germany or USA next time.
  32. If you’re hunting for an inexpensive shoe that will last a long time then you’ve found it.

Buy adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe here $46.06 – $109.95

adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

adidas samba classic leather soccer shoe toddler little kid big kid

  1. The Samba from adidas delivers pitch-perfect indoor performance thanks to the grippy, non-marking outsole.
  2. An iconic look also makes this shoe perfect for casual wear.
  3. Mercurial Victory VI CR7 Dynamic Fit IC Indoor Soccer Shoe (SZ.
  4. My son that is also my shoe size wants to steal them from me.
  5. The white pair I ordered for myself awhile back are leather, and are great, but these are NOT the same.
  6. The only thing on the shoes that indicated they are suppose to be leather is a sticker in one shoe that says “upper” in three languages, then underneath those words, says “leather”, in three languages, and then a few things I can’t read.
  7. Did not get what I paid for, and have regrets buying these.
  8. Much of that durability is linked to its 100% leather construction.
  9. Of particular note is the suede toe area, which bears the brunt of much soccer-related activity.
  10. They are mostly vinyl, with some sort of odd synthetic material in place of the toe.
  11. The supposed-to-be suede toe areas were cut to visibly different sizes on the right and left shoe.
  12. Further, the material that was used in place of suede proved to be extremely cheap.
  13. The shoe was worn in the rain once, whereupon the fake suede material promptly ripped.
  14. I bought smaller versions and they stood up fairly good which encouraged me to stick with the brand/model.
  15. However my most recent purchase has left me completely disappointed and frankly in shock.
  16. For one, I noticed that the front started to scuff by the time my son came home from the first day of wearing but for the entire front of both shoes to get busted out after less than three weeks of regular wearing is something that I am struggling to understand.
  17. I can only assume that something very significant (and in a bad way) has changed in the manufacturing process but the bottom line is that I can no longer recommend these to anyone.
  18. They appear so sturdy that I decided to buy the size 1 as an immediate replacement and put the size 2 in storage until they can fit.
  19. There was an empty rectangular outline where the label should have been stitched on.
  20. I don’t know if there are real, or fake or what the deal is.
  21. I’m too busy to go through the hassle of sending them back.
  22. I compared them to my boyfriend’s which has the blue tongue and his are leather inside.
  23. These are cloth/felt which will undoubtedly rip very quickly.
  24. I guess the price is good but I’d rather spend twice as much to have the higher quality version which last a long time.
  25. I have a pair thought I bought 6 years ago in black leather and they are still going strong.
  26. They have done a good job, showing little wear after a few months of everyday wear on a five-year-old boy.
  27. He says they are “cool” and are comfortable enough that he wears them all day without complaint.
  28. He has always had wide feet, so we were glad to find a comfy shoe that we didn’t have to order in extra wide.
  29. When he outgrows these, we will be buying another pair in the next size up!<
  30. Everything was perfect with my purchase from size, shoe quality, and shipping.
  31. I keep getting them over and over because you just cannot get a betfer shoe.
  32. They are tough you can play hard and yet wear them casually.
  33. They slip on easily, are super comfortable, and have that cool street style.

Buy adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) here $35.92 – $76.54

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