pump Intex electric car


Type-electric pump


Power supply-from cigarette lighter

Intex catalog number-66626

Brand: Intex


Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump, Max. Air Flow 21.2CFM

intex quick fill electric air pump max air flow cfm

  1. The car-powered electric device includes a 12-volt DC plug compatible with your car’s power outlets, and the pump additionally includes three interconnecting nozzles.
  2. About Intex Recreation

    Intex Recreation makes above-ground swimming pools, air beds, inflatable toys, pool and lake boats, and the proprietary Intex Saltwater Pool System.

  3. Basically because it significantly inconvenienced me when I needed it most.
  4. I purchased this electric air pump to fill my two queen air mattresses on my camping trip to Assateague Island.
  5. The product did not work and I was on an island camping.
  6. I drove to the closest Walmart which was not all that far away, maybe 20 minutes and got so lucky as to find the exact same model at Walmart.
  7. I tested this one prior to departing the Walmart parking lot and it worked well.
  8. I like that it comes with three different attachments for different inflation holes.
  9. The fact that you can plug it into a car cig outlet is awesome for things like camping.
  10. The unit comes in a box that is about 5x5x5 so it is fairly small and portable.
  11. In addition to providing air for inflation, it can also deflate so we can fold the kayaks more compactly.
  12. My only gripe is the relatively short length of the cord.
  13. We must put pump the kayak right next to the car due to the short cord.
  14. One improvement for this product would be to have an option to use batteries so there is no cord issue.
  15. It worked incredibly fast and we even had several people ask us where we bought it because it was just so convenient!
  16. It doesn’t have enough power to fully inflate it though to where it’s firm and I feel comfortable being on it.
  17. I will usually fill up the boat as much as this can and then use my hand pump to finish the job.
  18. Still makes the job significantly easier than if using hand pump exclusively.
  19. I’m giving this 3 stars because, although it works alright, it was very slow to fill a relatively small vessel, and it doesn’t have the power to inflate an Intex boat to the pressure you need.
  20. After getting it 90% inflated with this electric pump, I still had to finish it off with the manual one my kayak came with.
  21. Not ideal :/

    I’ve attached a photo of the kayak I was inflating, to reference the sort of thing this pump couldn’t finish.

  22. It’s fully inflated in the photo, after using the manual one.
  23. This air pump fits right into your hand, has a nozzle for inflation/ deflation and the attachments are interchangeable once attached, making it easy to switch between different sized valves.
  24. Considering the size of this pump it filled 4 tubes up in under 10 minutes, which we were delighted by.
  25. After we were done our float the deflation feature came in handy as it removed all air making for tighter car storage.
  26. I would definitely recommend this air pump for any rafts, tubes, mattresses, but probably not anything larger.
  27. It seems to not want to overfill the boats chambers which is a good thing but I like the boat to be firmer when I put it in the water.
  28. What I do is use this pump and finish topping off the boat with a hand pump.
  29. This is a good pump and will save your arms from a workout for sure.
  30. Very small, perfect to take with you if you need to blow up an air bed out camping etc.
  31. I used this to blow up my sons bounce house he got for Christmas (a smaller bounce house for a toddler) it blew it up quickly.
  32. I should of read it only has a car adapter but I guess I skipped over that.
  33. I wish it would of came with a wall plug as well for blowing things up inside.
  34. With the various adapters, this pump can be used for boats, exercise balls, mattresses, etc.

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Intex Quick-Fill AC/DC Electric Air Pump, 110-120 Volt, Max. Air Flow 15.9CFM

intex quick fill dc electric air pump volt max air flow cfm

  1. Features an inflating valve and a deflating valve to save time setting up and putting away.
  2. Finally someone has an option to either plug into your car or into an outlet.
  3. It fills a thick queen air mattress in about 4 minutes, and gets it hard enough to sleep on.
  4. You can’t get it too tight as this little pump can’t put out but so much pressure, but it’s perfect for normal home and camping applications.
  5. You can plug it into the wall AND into your car power plug.
  6. None of this nonsense of hauling an air mattress to the garage to fill it there when guests sleep over.
  7. Or having to get a power converter for your car while camping.
  8. With cars and most boats today, there is no difficulty in using the lighter adapter that this product comes with.
  9. I am planning on using it for mattresses when we go camping.
  10. Granted, it is a smaller unit and took a bit more time than I expected but in the end, it worked well for the size and the price point.
  11. We were working with a budget and I am pleased with my choice.
  12. I wish there was an attachment for me to use on my bike.
  13. With a single layer queen air-mattress, it takes about 2 minutes.
  14. This is about the same time it takes with my older one.
  15. There are definitely faster and quieter ones on the market that I’ve used, but they are all strictly 120v.
  16. Also note that this pump being 12v can be ran off solar, pretty handy!<
  17. Like that it is either ac or car cigarette lighter connection dc powered given that I also have Intex air beds for car camping trips.
  18. Additional nozzles all tethered together which is nice.
  19. We took this with is us on vacation and it was a life saver.
  20. We were able to blow up all our pool floats at the house.
  21. Then when we went to the river for the day we used it again for our river tubes.
  22. Having the two attachment for either home use or car use is so convenient.
  23. Ok once you place the nozzle attachment on it stays in place and you ssh don’t have to worry about losing it.
  24. The DC converter being at the plug makes it way safer IMO.
  25. It also makes it generate less heat if left on for over 5 mins (other ones seem to get quite hot!).
  26. Only thing keeping it from being a 5-star rating is the DC plug sticks straight out and is just waiting for someone to put too much pressure on it and break it.
  27. I love having the option of 12V or 110 so I can use it in different situations.

Buy Intex Quick-Fill AC/DC Electric Air Pump, 110-120 Volt, Max. Air Flow 15.9CFM here $17.97

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