carbine climbing technology nimble evo green orange
Climbing carabiner CT Nimble Evo S with a simple zip, which works great in climbing machines for the most demanding lovers of sport climbing.
Another version of the carabiner appreciated by climbers, in which many changes have been introduced, further enhancing the comfort of its use.

The whole was made of light alloys, which allows you to keep a low weight.

The fact that Climbing Technology masters the hot-forging technology, allows to obtain the inventive shapes of rifles, which directly translates into their fantastic handiness and high durability. Nimble Evo S belongs to sports models that are perfect for rock climbing.

The carabiner has a number of improvements that make it perfect to use frequently.

The right rounding of the edges reduces the wear of ropes or ribbons.

Sufficient dimensions make it work perfectly well. In turn, a simple zipper with a special incision allows it to be easily opened. In the Climbing Technology carabiner, you could not miss the well-known Catch-free solution. Removing the classic lock from the lock makes attaching and detaching the rifle a pure pleasure.

There will be no accidental hooking up to the rope or the spanner.

All is characterized by high durability. Not forgotten also about the behavior of a fantastic appearance, which was ensured thanks to the permanent anodization of the corps.



EN-12275: 2013-B

Individual test.

– V (12 kN)


Material-Light alloys

Blush-22 mm



Weight-approx. 43 g

Dimensions-approx. 103 x 61 mm

Strength-25.10.10 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

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