canoe Viamare kayak
A kayak from the renowned German company Viamare specializing in the production of the best quality swimming equipment. Marine quality kayak, made of 3-ply PVC resistant to sea water, oil-resistant.

The outer layer is a very hard, scratch-resistant coating.

The inner layer is a polyester mesh reinforcing whole structures.

The kayak has two chambers, pumped separately.

The floor is pumped.


The kit includes:

– canoe,

– aluminum rowing,

– transport bag,

– pump,

– two seats,

– leg supports

– 400×90 / after assembly 74x53x23cm

– Loading capacity 170kg / 2 persons

– Weight 17kg

Brand: Viamare


Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

sevylor quikpak person kayak

  1. It’s heavy when folded up, so if you’re weak, or have any mobility problems, this maybe tough for you.
  2. I chose to do it at home rather than at the water, simply bc I was so unsure I could do it all alone.
  3. I fit it in my Toyota Camry, fully blown up/assembled by angling it from the back seat behind the drivers chair to the front seat in front of the passenger.
  4. Not ideal, bc I couldn’t see out the back but I was only going a mile.
  5. I put mine in at a boat launch on a very slow moving river, which ended up being very helpful bc of the incline of the ramp.
  6. I was nervous to try and figure out how I was going to get on this thing without flipping over or making myself look foolish.
  7. I decided I’d just straddle the seat & sit in one motion.
  8. Since its inflatable, and somewhat flexible I was able to get my leg over it and adjust my position while straddling it and standing in the water.
  9. As another reviewer mentioned, the middle sinks slightly.
  10. Since the middle sunk slightly, both the front and back end, were lifted out of the water a bit.
  11. I’m top heavy, my chest gets in the way slightly, and so does my belly, however I am able to sit up right on the floor with my legs together, in front of me, but it’s not terribly comfy.
  12. I found sitting on the kayak, with my legs in the leg rests, while balancing, very difficult.
  13. If you carry most of your weight in your belly, you may want to consider a canoe.
  14. I ended up sitting with my legs straight out but open with my feet slightly hanging off.
  15. When I returned to the ramp I found it slightly difficult at first to exit the kayak.
  16. But moving to water that was just about to my knees seemed easier.
  17. I used the paddle for leverage, and rocked forward, and stood up.
  18. The paddle is ok, since I’m a beginner but I can see wanting better quality in the future.
  19. All in all if you’re a beginner, I think it’s a safe way to learn.
  20. My goal in writing this review is not just to tell you what I experienced with my new kayak but to encourage anyone that is struggling with their size not to let it keep you from getting out there.
  21. I am 5 8′ 320 pounds give or take and I am trying my best to get out and be active.
  22. I loathe the gym and I am trying to find things that I can do.
  23. I have always been athletic but due to injuries from working out being the size I am has made adventures quite challenging and sometimes painful.
  24. My kayak arrived 2 days after order and I had a planned to head to the lake with a friend to try it out immediately.
  25. I inflated it in my home because I did not want any surprises happening on the lake.
  26. It was easy and quick to inflate but I have yet to figure out the back pack which also is the back support, The kayak fully inflated is very light and easy to transfer from the car to the lake area.
  27. It takes a while to balance and paddle at the same time as it does not track as well as a hard shell kayak but I got into a great rhythm and figured out how far to place the paddles in the water to maintain my stride and balance.
  28. The friend I was with had a hard shell kayak and I kept up with her perfectly.
  29. The back support is not much of a support but to me it was comfortable because I liked sitting back while I paddled.
  30. The top and back came up slightly out of the water and there was a small crease where I sat on the kayak but to be honest I didn’t really care what I looked like I just wanted to be out on the water.
  31. The material was very durable and we were out when it was in the 90’s.
  32. My dog laid comfortably on my leg as I paddled and her nails were no problem at all.
  33. My first voyage was over 2 hours and I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to get back out there.
  34. It’s an inexpensive alternative and it worked well for me.
  35. It paddles and tracks very well even in waves and breakers.
  36. The small skegs on the forward and rear bottom do make a difference in the tracking.
  37. I didn’t care at all for the enclosed paddle that came with the kayak.
  38. It is a bit too long for me and came apart the first time I used it.
  39. I use my old paddle instead, which works far better)
    I found a neat way to carry the boat is to push the paddle under the triangle bungee tree on the bow and hook the back of the paddle under the seat straps.
  40. That way you can use the paddle as a very efficient carrying rod for the kayak out of water.
  41. You just lift the whole thing up with one hand and carry it away!
  42. I am a little old gray haired lady of 71 and am able easily ‘horse’ it around with no problem!
  43. They are just as easy to inflate, deflate, and pack into the back pack as the blurb suggests.
  44. They do not however track as well as a real kayak so you need to learn how to paddle without taking dramatic turns to the left and right.
  45. There are five different air chambers and sadly the center on one of the kayaks is losing air after only a few uses.
  46. The chambers seem to leak , for witch very hard to plug.
  47. Quick and easy set up, comfortable, light weight, easy paddling, stable.
  48. I intended to order the Quikpak K5, but didn’t yet realize there are 3 Quikpak models.
  49. First time taking it out and both mine and my friend’s seam failed.
  50. It’s so great that it’s inflatable so you can store it so easily.

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