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Nordic Walking poles designed for active people. During the march, thanks to the use of sticks provide balance, and above all we cut off the knees and joints, thus reducing fatigue, the effort is spread evenly over the majority of the muscles of the body, they work then significantly more effectively than during a normal walk.

They are more reinforced, especially arms, which become stronger and more durable. Sliding, 2 part design and low weight, thanks to the use of high quality aluminum, it allows you to carry sticks everywhere where you want to practice Nordic Walking.

Sticks are equipped with special ergonomic cork handles, thanks to which the handle becomes more secure and a specially designed neoprene glove provides a perfect fit to the size of the hand.

The end set provides excellent traction in all terrains.

The reinforced caves are ideal for heavy ground, where the most important is excellent grip. An additional advantage is attached to the set of plates to prevent sticking the stick in the area. Wear-resistant rubber tips provide comfort on hardened ground (eg on asphalt)


– 2 two-segment poles with height adjustment 87-140 cm

– weight 499 g

– made of aluminum 6061

– ergonomic handle made of: CORK-PP

– hand neoprene glove with adjustable size

– arrowhead made of hardened steel

– 2 rubber pads for asphalt walking

– 2 unscrewed plates for a soft base

– possibility to buy spare tips and plates.

Brand: Nils

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