burner Kove backpackers

burner Kove backpackers 1
Kovea Backpackers is large and efficient-ideal for a longer stay in one place and greater appetite.

A relatively lightweight and compact tourist cooker-the diameter of the spread arms is 13.9 cm, which makes Backpackers a great partner for larger diameters.

The large power of the oven flame is evenly spread over the large surface of the dishes thanks to the use of a slightly more flat head section.

The oven is made of high quality, corrosion-resistant materials, which will ensure a very long time of use.

The foldable arms make the oven easy to store and transport.

The whole is completed by the control, thanks to which the control of the power of the flame is not even the slightest difficulty.

In the set there is a permanent pouch for transport.

Dimensions when assembled-80 x 50 x 115 mm
Weight-149 g
Fuel-cartouche with a mixture of Iso-Butane
Fuel consumption-146 g / h (1,727 kcal / 6,856 BTU / 2.0 kW)

Time needed to boil 1l of water-4 min. 17 sec. (given for heating water from 15oC to 96oC, at temp. room 24oC)

The wide head gives a strong flame, even in difficult weather conditions. Boiling water or preparing a meal takes very little time.
Corrugated arms ensure the stability of the dishes in which you are currently cooking.
Very comfortable to use, the knob allows very precise adjustment of the flame power.
Compact dimensions after packing and low weight will allow you to fit the stove in the smallest pockets of the backpack.

Brand: Kovea


Kovea Top Canister Power Nano Stove for Camping / Outdoor Coocking

kovea top canister power nano stove for camping outdoor coocking

  1. With the focus on fast boiling times and compactability, this stove is a great addition to any backpackers journey.
  2. Tested with a boil time of 2 minutes and 23 seconds in the field, this beats any other stove in terms of efficiency and packability.

Buy Kovea Top Canister Power Nano Stove for Camping / Outdoor Coocking here $21.00

Kovea Backpackers Camping Stove, Small, Silver

kovea backpackers camping stove small silver

  1. When used with Kovea’s isobutane camping gas, 33 ounces of water (4 cups) will boil in just 4 minutes and 17 seconds.
  2. Conveniently equipped with a flame control knob and a compact carrying bag, the Backpackers is ideal for solo campers.
  3. The support arms aren’t the best and they do move around a bit too easily, but if you put your pot on it after locking them in place they won’t go anywhere.

Buy Kovea Backpackers Camping Stove, Small, Silver here $24.71

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