lighter Kove igniter ki

lighter Kove igniter ki 1
Kovea Igniter is a small, irreplaceable item when camping away from civilization.
The igniter because of it, can be useful in virtually any situation.

Small dimensions allow you to put it in the smallest corner of menazka or backpack. Made of durable materials so that it can be used in all weather conditions.
Dimensions: 20.5 x 81 mm

Weight: 14 g

Brand: Kovea


Kovea Igniter, Small, Silver

kovea igniter small silver

  1. Kovea’s specially developed Igniter is a perfect solution for lighting any type of stoves.
  2. Even under extreme conditions, the Igniter will assure ignition on your equipment.
  3. This is very short hence you get very close to the flame while lighting.
  4. It would be best to make the lighter longer by at least 3 inches


  5. We keep clicking and it doesn’t light 80-90% of the time.
  6. So we have reverted back to good old matches until we get a new stove.
  7. My stoves are ISO / butane and they light by the second click.
  8. Took a star off b/c I usually have to push 3 times to get a spark.
  9. It seemed to produce a spark each time so I took it on my last trip.
  10. Good thing that I brought additional ignition sources, as I could not get this to light the stove at all!
  11. I tried it at varying distances from the center of the burner, ten or more times to no effect.
  12. After I got home, I tried it on the same backpacking stove set up in my kitchen, but it still didn’t work.
  13. It produces a spark each time but doesn’t light the stove.
  14. Perhaps the spark is recessed too far inside the metal tube.
  15. Hard to believe that some reviewers had it work every time.
  16. I very much suggest trying this out at home before you depend on it on a trip.

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Kovea Hiker Stove, Small, Silver

kovea hiker stove small silver

  1. When used with Kovea’s isobutane camping gas, 33 ounces of water (4 cups) will boil in just 4 1/4 minutes.
  2. Conveniently equipped with a self igniter and a control knob, the Hiker is ideal for backpackers seeking sturdy backpacking stoves.
  3. Made it 4 days camping off 1 8oz canister of Propane/ISO-butane fuel.
  4. Boiled water twice in the morning (when I got up and when the girlfriend got up) and then boiled water and pan fried food for dinner.
  5. Low is usually fine for boiling water in a pan that has the heat ring tech.
  6. Only down side I noticed was it was very picky about wind and when I used foil to make a makeshift wind shield it melted the igniter button some.
  7. Nice and compact but big enough to heat a pot of water quickly.
  8. Great heat output, seems very durable and the self-lighting and adjustable flame are priceless.
  9. I can buy the fuel canisters at Wal-Mart and the control and piezo lighter work well and are easy to operate.
  10. I like that it has
    a good size base for my pot’s and pan’s, most other stoves do not.
  11. No problems with it, plenty of heat, and appreciate the piezo igniter.

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