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Titan Sport Elbow protector made of high quality plastic, which is very resistant to impact.

The interior of the Titan Sport Elbow is softened with softness and increases the comfort of using bio-foam foam. Protectors are held in the right position with two Velcro fasteners.

Brand: Foxhead


Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

fox racing titan sport protective mtb jacket

  1. Its complete plastic plating of key contact areas is unmatched.
  2. Its full mesh main body offers a precise, bunch-free fit.
  3. Add in the intelligently engineered ventilation zones and the Titan Sport Jacket truly becomes the ultimate battle suit.
  4. The jacket is easy to put on and take off thanks to a center zipper.
  5. Equipped with an anatomic, high-impact two-piece plastic chest plate, removable articulated plastic back coverage, and high impact plastic shoulder and elbow coverage, the Titan has you covered.
  6. Add in the intelligently engineered ventilation zones and the Titan Sport Jacket truly becomes the ultimate battle suit.
  7. The last time I was out I had a crash that sent me onto some sharp rocks and my back slammed into a tree.
  8. When I hit, I remember it feeling like the force was distributed across my back.
  9. My daughter actually asked me if I got mauled by a bear.
  10. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with this jacket.
  11. Long story short, I am a new rider who was riding a bit too fast on some windy roads.
  12. I came up on a corner and hit my breaks in a turn at about 55 mph and slid for about 30 to 40 feet and then hit a pole.
  13. I would give five stars because I probably owe this jacket my life, however I did get some injuries.
  14. Got some nasty road rash, a broken finger, and a badly bruised elbow where the padding rolled on me.
  15. It’s important to note that any jacket has its flaws, nothing will be perfect.
  16. What this jacket lacks in abrasive resistance, especially around the lats and shoulder blade area, it more than makes up for in impact protection.
  17. Four stars because I would consider a five star jacket something that leaves me completely unscathed.
  18. Perfect summer jacket but it still definitely gets hot at stop lights even with just a wife beater underneath.
  19. Lastly, this jacket is absolutely sick looking, you will easily be the coolest looking rider on the road if that sort of thing matters to you, and certainly more protected than most.
  20. Use it primarily on my short ride to/from work and sometimes in the bedroom when the lady is willing.
  21. Not only does this jacket feel awesome, it looks impregnable.
  22. Protection wise it’s designed well and feels as secure as my other jackets.
  23. Price was much lower than I would have been willing to pay.
  24. What really sets this jacket apart is the coolness factor.
  25. It’s designed to protect against impacts, not pavement sliding.
  26. Although I do wear it on the street because it’s warm in this state.
  27. I like wearing small for everything, but had to go medium with this puppy.
  28. Not an issue while wearing, but impossible to shove into a backpack.
  29. The non-armored areas are just open mesh, meaning that whatever color you wear underneath is completely visible.
  30. It is hot, dusty and rocky during the summer and sub zero with snow during the winter.
  31. I was a bit nervous that it would be too hot during the summer, but the jacket vents better than I thought and is well worth the extra protection.
  32. I have taken 2 falls while wearing this and it did its job PERFECTLY.
  33. One fall was at slow speed on a steep hill and I fell onto my back and slid.
  34. I had a little scrape just below the kidney belt, but was fine other than that.
  35. I also crashed on a large patch of ice hidden under snow at high speed (low side).
  36. I was totally fine except for my hip which is still hurting 2 weeks later (I am shopping for armored pants now).
  37. It is even comfortable for long rides wearing it all day.
  38. I have had it now for about 8 months now and the jacket is also holding up very well even after 2 crashes.
  39. I wear a medium tee shirt and it fits me the way it should.
  40. I am mostly lean, but a little over weight in the middle.
  41. Loose safety gear is not going to stay in place when you wreck.
  42. I was a bit concerned with the fit based on other reviews.
  43. After carefully reading many of them I decided to take a risk and get my tee shirt size since it is a true Fox jacket.
  44. I can’t speak for the other sizes, but I would assume the other sized should also be true.
  45. Some like to wear their shirts a size too large or small for various reasons.
  46. Pros:
    Gives you overall upperbody protection
    Gives you extra confidence
    It looks nice
    Save you from medical bills

    Its a little bit heavy, gives me a little bit hardtime uphill
    recommend for enduro , trail and downhill
    You have to be carefull on those zippers, they look weak.

  47. Excellent protective layer, that is easy and quick to use.
  48. These must be children sizes because it’s way too short for me also.
  49. I expected to feel kinda restricted but it is surprisingly comfortable.

Buy Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket here $143.46 – $234.86


fox titan kids roost deflector black silver md ages

  1. While Fox Racing offers its complete line of motocross pants, Body Armor, gloves, boots, and Apparels through independent motorcycle accessory dealers worldwide, the company also offers a full line of sportswear, including shorts, T-shirts, fleece, hats, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts and Body Armor to the public through finer motocross, bike, and sportswear retailers worldwide.
  2. Peewee riders need upper body coverage that fits properly.
  3. The Peewee Titan Roost Deflector gives peewee riders a comfortable, non-bulky fit, that’s easy to get on and off.
  4. My son is 8 years old and is 53″ tall and weighs about 72lbs.
  5. I went with the Med/Large and can say it fits perfect but might run a little small.
  6. I am not exactly sure how they fit however he says it fits comfortable.
  7. For the price I say its a good investment and it looks good!<
  8. It is adjustable and fits great right off the bat, and we should have another few years with it.
  9. If you have a child who is a size 8-9, you might want to check out youth sizes instead of pee wee unless you don’t mind getting limited use out of it.
  10. As yet another reviewer said, the padding is not hard all around like other armor.
  11. However, the areas that are not hard rubberized plastic are heavily padded and it’s very unlikely that they would be pierced with a stick, rock or other typical object kicked up at someone when riding.
  12. Its job is to deflect small objects to avoid superficial to moderate injury and I believe it is up to the task.
  13. Overall, I thought this was very nice item at a great price point and I would recommend it.
  14. It was a present for a 4 year old who is just starting to ride quads, it is not a ridged as most protectors and very easy to put on.
  15. He did not complain once about it being uncomfortable or bulky.
  16. Great for a young new rider who isn’t riding aggressively yet.
  17. It’s not that it isn’t nice, it was that it was a Christmas gift for my son which he couldn’t begin to fit into.
  18. It wasn’t even big enough to cover 1/2 of his rib cage.
  19. The size needs to say peewee on the site as that is what size it is.
  20. Without a packing slip/address/contact information, i have no way of returning to get my money back and i had to order another that would fit him.
  21. Whoever listed it didn’t get it listed with the correct information.
  22. She has had a few minor crashes and jumps right back on.
  23. Some folks do not think of the chest protectors much, but there are many things that can jab you will riding or in an accident.
  24. This chest protector has even protected my granddaughter from a mean old rooster we have here.
  25. I emailed them about possibly getting it faster then delivery date, wanted it for Christmas, but it was my fault for waiting to order it late.
  26. But I was emailed right back, WITH-IN MINUTES, and told that unfortunately item was currently out of stock but they had already ordered more.
  27. Plus they would try to get it to me as fast as possible.
  31. My son is very little for a 9 yr old, and usually wears size 7, but this is still too small for him.
  32. Very well-made, just hate that I’ll now have to PAY for return to exchange it for a larger one!!<


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