bench sided control titanium sport tsl

bench sided control titanium sport tsl 1
We present a new two-sided adjustable bench TS1L02.

The bench has been equipped with a modern and comfortable upholstery 30 cm wide and 6 cm thick, which thanks to the optimally chosen stiffness perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. In the latest version of this model we used the backrest and seat adjustment based on four , laser cut from sheet metal with a thickness of 3 mm hooks.

Thanks to this treatment, we have obtained the possibility of adjusting the support in eight levels, including the negative angle! Adjusting the seat in 3 levels.

The bench is 100% Polish. Thanks to the large investments made in the machinery park, we currently have the most modern facilities in the country for the production of sports equipment. Computer-controlled machines allow us to produce perfectly matched elements, they also allow us to shape the shape of the product virtually in any arbitrary fashion. We used handles equipped with rubber handles. steel connectors with a thickness of 5 mm.

As a rame bench, we used a very strong steel profile 40×40 mm.In order for your equipment to have the most attractive appearance, the frame of the bench is painted on the trendiest anthracite color, the hooks were painted in red gloss color, the whole complement is black upholstery with a double red stitching.

This equipment can not be liked !!

Here are the exercises you can do on our bench:

– French pressing of dumbbells in strength
– Squeezing the dumbbell on a slanting bench
– Moving the dumbbells behind the head
– Hangers with dumbbells on a horizontal bench
– Pulling the chest leg on the horizontal bench
– Sklony sideways on the bench in a flat shade
– Lifting the barbell sideways in the seat
Check and compare our product with the competition, we know it very well.¬†Here’s what we have an advantage over the products of the competition:

– upholstery 6 cm thick (comfort exercise, maximum fit to the body)
and width 30 cm, – upholstery on both sides covered with a rock (easy to keep clean, resistant to moisture)
– laser-cut steel (accuracy and repeatability of details), – fasteners made of sheet metal with a thickness of 5 mm, – handles for height adjustment with strong and stable handles, – the latest design



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