bench sided control titanium sport tsl 2

bench sided control titanium sport tsl 3
TS2L01 is a model of a bench, which has a proven system of seat and backrest angle adjustment. It is a simple and trouble-free solution.

The backrest, during which the maximum load is exercised during the training, is supported by heavy-duty adjustment blocks, which were designed to allow convenient adjustment of the kata to ensure full stability. Wide backrest adjustment allows you to train the cage at a different angle of inclination-this improves the effectiveness of training, allows carving wonderful, well-developed muscles. It is targeted at demanding home users, who value comfort and exercise certainty.

Strong profile 50x50x2 mm is a guarantee of maximum strength of the structure, and the use of thick pressure grips and excellent segment-type upholstery leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the best quality equipment.

Give up compromises and enjoy the exercise! Here are the exercises you can perform on this bench: French bench press in a gym • Squeezing the dumbbell on a bench lift • Moving the dumbbells behind your head • Sling rods on a horizontal bench • Pulling the leg to the chest on the horizontal bench • Side shadows on the bench to flat • Lift the barbell sideways in the seat


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