bench under barbell HMS 2

bench under barbell HMS 3
Bench for HMS exercises. It is designed for training with barbells or dumbbells.

The range of the capacity of the bench is very wide. Lawka allows you to exercise the muscles of the chest, arms, bicepps, triceps, forearms, and legs. Model HMS LS7849 is equipped with rotary levers on both sides of the so-called bench. zigzags that allow you to perform exercises that develop the muscles of the chest and arms.


– 4 degrees of tilt angle adjustment (0-40%)

– Distance between the bar holders: 55 cm

– Non-slip handles

– Stable construction

– Dimensions of the product after spreading: length: 168 cm width: 118 cm height: 137.5 cm

РMax. user weight: 110 kg

– Weight: 23 kg

– Squeezing on a small shelf lying

– Squeezing on a small bench sitting

– Instrument for leg muscles (front and rear thighs)

– Instrument for chest and shoulder exercises

– Biceps modulus

Brand: HMS


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