bench Skosna hksub

bench Skosna hksub 1
Vivo shaped slanted bench is designed for people who prefer training at home. It has a height adjustment, which is responsible for the appropriate inclination of the seat. Rubber endings not only protect the floor from scratches, but also make the plane more stable thanks to which the exercises are much easier and more effective.

The seat has been filled with thick foam and covered with durable skaw in a neutral black color. The lancet has a metal stable structure that ensures safety, and thanks to the quick folding mechanism, it takes up a lot of space after folding.

All these features make this bench ideal for exercising the lower and upper parts of the muscles.


Weight-6,8 kg

Maximum load-100 kg

Seat dimensions-100×28 cm

Maximum length-133 cm

Five-step adjustment

Total length :
– min: 122 cm

– max: 133 cm

– min: 50 cm

– max: 66 cm

Height after folding: 23 cm

Brand: Vivo


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