bench the belly tsl titanium sports

bench the belly tsl titanium sports 1
We want to introduce you to the new TS2L05 stomach tray. Lawka has been equipped with a modern and comfortable upholstery with a thickness of up to 6 cm, which thanks to the optimally chosen stiffness perfectly adapts to the shape of the body to be exercised. Pay attention to new locks, this is a completely new quality. Made in a new technology from EVA foam foamed copolymer, a very durable material, characterized by a high degree of cushioning. Diameter 8 cm provides comfort and safety of training.

The steel structure made of flexible profiles has been thoroughly modernized. It is made of a strong 50x50x2 mm profile.

The bent profiles are translated into smaller number of profiles connections and, consequently, greater strength of the structure.

The Quadro bolt system based on the bolts of the castle is responsible for the stability and strength of the base.

Height: 48 cm Width: 44 cm Length: 120 cm Weight: 17.8 kg Locks: 4 pieces, diameter 8 cm EVA foam Maximum load: 250 kg Constructional profile: 50 x 50 x 2 mm Material: Polish steel Finishing: painting powder


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