helmet road lazer neon red white rolsystem
Helmet made all in In-Mold technology. Precise adjustment system for the Rollsys® head. It has 16 large ventilation openings. Very good value for money.


Helmet adjustment system-Rollsys®

Construction-In-Mold (1 part)

Ventilation-16 holes



Rollsys® is an extremely convenient and intuitive system that allows you to adjust the helmet to the size of the head.

The main task of the helmet is protection against injury and for the helmet to fulfill its functions, it must fit perfectly to the head. Lazer has always been an innovator in the field of safety, which is why his research team has developed the Rollsys system for maximum comfort and fit.

Taillight technology is the ability to mount the LED lamp on the back of the helmet for even greater security.

Unisize-the helmet thanks to the Rollsys system has one universal size.

Rollsys® system: Compared to the standard helmet adjustment system, the Lazer Rollsys® system is a mechanism and construction completely integrated with the helmet. Thanks to the extremely simple operation of the knob located on the top of the helmet, which can be made even with the thumb while driving, the Lazer Rollsys® system allows for an extremely accurate correction of the inner circumference of the helmet.

The fit of the helmet runs smoothly and without the pressure of the head.

Thanks to the unique design that allows you to resign from the rear support without reducing safety, the Lazer Rollsys® helmets are the perfect, and perhaps the only, choice for people with a pony.

Together in the future! From the moment Lazer Rollsys® was presented at the Eurobike Show in Germany, the system has been awarded many times for innovation and unique design.

Thousands of tests carried out by users confirmed the robustness and functionality of this system.

That’s why Lazer decided to mount the Lazer Rollsys® system in each of the newly designed helmets.

Presentation of the helmet (English version): Lazer Rollsys® system support (video in English):

Brand: Lazer


Lazor Neon Sportive Cycling Helmet

lazor neon sportive cycling helmet

  1. It features the Rollsys® Retention System with Adjustable Head Basket for an easy to adjust and perfect fit.
  2. Lazer Rollsys® system is a fully integrated mechanism which surrounds the head completely.
  3. By turning a smooth thumb wheel – situated on top of the helmet – the Rollsys® system permits an accurate and progressive peripheral sizing adjustment.
  4. The fit of the helmet will symmetrically be tightened up without any pressure points on the head.
  5. The Rollsys® system offers an innovative one hand use and is easy to handle even during riding.
  6. By locating Rollsys® away from the rear of the helmet, the Rollsys® system is also the perfect solution for people with a ponytail.S / M-L.

Buy Lazor Neon Sportive Cycling Helmet here $56.95 – $62.99

Lazer Neon Cycling Helmet

lazer neon cycling helmet

  1. It features the Rollsys Retention System with Adjustable Head Basket for an easy to adjust and perfect fit.
  2. The helmet is also compatible with the optional Rollsys LED taillight to help improve visibility in all conditions.

Buy Lazer Neon Cycling Helmet here $62.00 – $63.00

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