foam to clean LCD media tech mt ml


– Foam for cleaning liquid crystal displays in laptops, palmtops and monitors.

– Does not scratch the surface, does not leave streaks.

– Antistatic, bactericidal, biodegradable.

– 200ml

Brand: media-tech

media tech

Boat Package: Dual Single DIN Marine In-Dash Receiver w/Bluetooth, Dual 8″ 2-Way Marine Speaker, 1200-Watt 4 Channel Amp, 10″ Subwoofer w/ LED, 5-Channel Amp, 8-G Amp Install Kit, Antenna

boat package dual single din marine dash receiver bluetooth dual way marine spea

  1. The high contrast black characters on a white background ensures readability in any situation – from total darkness to direct sunlight.
  2. You also now have a variety of options to listen to your favorite music which includes your built-in Bluetooth Technology, USB port which also charges your device, AM/FM Radio with 30 Station Presets, 4 Preset EQ Curves (Classic, Rock, Pop & Flat), 2 Band Tone Control (Bass/Treble) and MP3/WMA formatted songs for complete control of your music experience.
  3. We made sure to equip your products with all the necessary high end features ensuring peace of mind when you are out at sea.
  4. Conformal Coating – a transparent protective film that is applied to all surfaces of interior printed circuit boards, defending against dust, condensation and corrosion.
  5. UV Resistant Construction – the faceplate and other exposed elements of your receiver are carefully injection-molded using ultraviolet resistant resins, preventing breakdown in the sun.
  6. EDP Chassis – offers unparalleled protection against corrosion and rust resistance.
  7. PET Wrapped Chassis – wraps the top and sides of the entire chassis providing an additional measure of protection against dirt and moisture.
  8. Silicone Covers – made from high grade silicone these removable covers guard your receivers front panel inputs, protecting against water splashes and debris.
  9. We made sure to include all the features you would need in a single DIN marine stereo to make huge acoustic waves out at sea.
  10. Each product comes with a detailed instruction manual that will help you get setup and ready to go in no time.
  11. However, we do suggest professional installation to prevent any issues with your new Dual marine stereo.
  12. You will be able to receive and make calls without having to touch your phone and be able to concentrate on the things that matter the most.
  13. While the 2 Band Tone Control and 4 Preset EQ Curves provide a personalized music experience.

Buy Boat Package: Dual Single DIN Marine In-Dash Receiver w/Bluetooth, Dual 8″ 2-Way Marine Speaker, 1200-Watt 4 Channel Amp, 10″ Subwoofer w/ LED, 5-Channel Amp, 8-G Amp Install Kit, Antenna here $60.88

Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din AM/FM/DVD/BT 6.2-Inch with Navigation

power acoustik pdn double din fm dvd inch with navigation

  1. It has turn-by-turn GPS navigation of USA, Canada and Mexico.
  2. The unit has 75-watt x 4 MOSFET speaker outputs, multiregional FM Frequency stepping, front and rear preamp audio outputs, variable subwoofer preamp Output, video Output for aux devices and rearview camera Input with trigger.
  3. It also accepts a Fahrenheit OEM and steering wheel control interface and includes Built-in microphone & external microphone.
  4. Next, let me just say that this thing exceeds my expectations for a car radio by like a 1000 fold!
  5. My phone is a Galaxy S6 and this thing is pretty close to the responsiveness of that.
  6. Also, there’s so many options and settings I don’t think i’ll ever use all of them.
  7. I bought the backup camera with it, but everything was shipped separately, so i’ll review that later.
  8. Some of my other possible units to purchase were ones by JVC, Pioneer, Boss, Alpine, and even Clarion.
  9. I had narrowed it down to primarily 4: the Boss BV9364B, the Pioneer AVH270BT, the JVC KW-V21BT, and this one.
  10. I was really torn at first because this unit had the least reviews out of all of them (JVC and Pioneer are huge compared to Power Acoustic), but also had the best overall score.
  11. The Boss had serious reliability issues being the cheapest out of the 4, and the JVC/Pioneer were almost tied on negative things like screen responsiveness and adjustability of options.
  12. I definitely think the Power Acoustic was the best choice in all categories.
  13. So far we have a unit with a great price point, amazing screen responsiveness, and good history of reviews.
  14. GPS nav, USB compatibility (music folders and playlists), standard radio, CD/DVD playing (the DVD quality is surprisingly good), and a ton of Blue Tooth options like cell phone screen mirroring, hands free calling, and internet connectivity by using your phone’s data.
  15. Since I’m still waiting on my backup camera and the trim kit for the dash, i’m going to leave this review open-ended.
  16. After I use it a bit more and hook up the backup camera I will finish this review and post user pics of everything.
  17. I’ve learned quite a bit about it including things I like/dislike and things that work/don’t work.
  18. None of these things have been important enough to change my original rating of 5 stars.
  19. Pros

    First off, some things I liked and still like.

  20. Through the months I’ve used this, I’ve mainly stuck to the music tab (which is my USB that has all my music on it), and the Bluetooth tab (which is what my phone connects to).
  21. The music tab literally just plays straight though your music in some strange order that the stereo has established or you can scroll down to the USB Tab and open folders.
  22. If your folders don’t show up you need to upgrade your firmware via the file I posted in the FAQ section.
  23. I use this daily to talk to my wife on my way home from work.
  24. The first time I connected everything I turned on my bt on my phone and added my stereo as a “trusted device” so I wouldn’t have to go through the whole setup every time.
  25. Once connected, I told the stereo to get my contacts from my phone and presto.
  26. Now before I get in my car I just make sure my bt is on and when I get in I can just click my wife’s number and everything works.
  27. I also got my backup camera hooked up (which was quite easy) and it works great.
  28. The camera automatically activates when I put the car in reverse.
  29. The music (if playing), mutes and shows the video feed to the camera.
  30. The camera is decent quality and has proven to be pretty useful.
  31. The rest of the menu options: NAVI, Video, Disk, Radio, Mobile link x2, AV in, AUX in, BT music, and Picture I haven’t really put to much use.
  32. NAVI: I have legitimately used the Navi like 2 times and both times it got me to where I needed with relative accuracy and ease.
  33. It shows a 3D-ish map with your icon (can be changed to a few other symbols other than just an arrow).
  34. Time of arrival, total distance traveled, way points and other things can all be displayed if you like.
  35. Also to get up to date maps just go to the Primo extras page.
  36. Disk: I’ve played a few movies via the disk/DVD option.
  37. If you tap the bottom of the screen during playback you’re given a whole list of onscreen options.
  38. Reception is great but I’d rather listen to my own music.
  39. After I got the file, I unizipped it, followed the readme instructions and now my Mobile Link works.
  40. The only thing I had trouble with was getting the stereo to recognize the firmware upgrade on my USB.
  41. I eventually went into settings on the stereo and did “update firmware” and it loaded the above downloaded files from the USB and updated everything.
  42. I’m guessing this would be for an external monitor in the headrest maybe?<
  43. AUX in: I haven’t used this but I would eventually like to get a cord for this and run it to maybe my center console.
  44. That way anyone riding passenger can just hook their own phone in and listen to music, as opposed to adding them to the Bluetooth system and going through all the setup for one car ride.
  45. BT Music: I’ve used this a couple times to listen to a song that was on my phone, but not on my USB.
  46. Once you get past the initial BT syncing, all of the BT stuff works fine.
  47. It even gives you some onscreen buttons (previous/next song, pause/play).
  48. The rest of the menus are setting related (balance/fade, eq stuff).
  49. Like I said before, these things will not affect my rating because they are menial.
  50. When I first installed the radio, all the volumes on all the different menus defaulted to 20 for the first time.
  51. I simply lowered them all down and now they stay at those respective volumes.
  52. When the car is placed in reverse, it switches the video feed to the camera and the music that was playing goes silent.
  53. Instead of pausing the music though, it continues to play even though I can’t hear it.
  54. So don’t take too long to back up or you’ll miss your favorite song.
  55. This player is amazing for the money, especially since it includes things like navigation.
  56. Also, when I bought this 4 months ago it had a 4 out of 5 star rating and 17 reviews.
  57. I have also had it installed in a few different vehicles with a few different results.
  58. Overall I rate this unit as a good purchase and it does everything it advertises itself to do and does them pretty well.
  59. I have not even used the remote as the touch screen with the home icon is very friendly and easy to swipe left and right and select icons

    The radio is clean and clear with reception in my area of North dallas.

  60. In my 2006 Chevrolet Silverado using the wiring harness adapter all of the channels came in clearly with no buzzing, in my 1996 eclipse gst using the rca outputs to connect to the factory amplifier I experienced the said buzz noise.
  61. It was only at extremely low volume levels and I believe this was from the amp in the head unit and the amplifier in the stock stereo system interfering with each other.
  62. Again in the eclipse it was a minimal noise at low volume only noticeable with the car off using the rca output.
  63. My silverado has flawless function
    My main complaint with the radio is that the stations numbers are very large font and to see the song title and author it is in a very small corner in the page.
  64. Again this is an entry level unit, and I wish it had a more active radio display since it has a big screen all you see is the channel frequency displayed on screen

    DVD player really works well.

  65. I was extremely impressed with the menu when in dvd mode, if you touch the lower section of the screen in dvd play mode it displays the dvd play options like pause play and skip.
  66. Even better there is a display of how much of the chapter has been viewed.
  67. It makes fast forwarding or rewinding very similar to video play back on youtube etc

    Bluetooth seemed fine with no complaints.

  68. Using the bd2p audio playback where you view song title and can change songs with the screen I was able to notice slight chopping of the signal that was very quick but mostly unnoticeable

    The mobile link x2 feature does not work.

  69. I have followed all instructions and the setup fails to connect to my galaxy s5.
  70. Read reviews for the mobile link x2 app to see that most new Samsung devices are not supported for this feature.
  71. This is my major gripe against this unit, it does everything as advertised but for screen mirroring the newest Samsung device you can use is literally a galaxy s3 exactly like pictured on the box

    Navigation has flawless function and was a great suprise.

  72. When I bought it there were only a few sketchy reviews (I’m sorry hacking into your factory gps antenna and complaining about the slow satellite response is lazy) anyways it loaded up my location and had it displayed on the device before I had a chance to see the loading screen.
  73. My house was built 2 years ago as well as the street we live on so I was suprised to see our adress is listed and our street as well.
  74. As mentioned the device has issues when activating navigation, most notable is the volume can increase when gps is activated.
  75. It’s really not a huge deal breaker but I would love to be able to have the gps in the background of the radio or blue tooth playback screen instead of the dull boring factory layout

    Blue tooth calling works fine, it comes with a mic but I haven’t used it.

  76. To be honest I don’t talk on my phone much so I can’t really compare it to other hands free devices or setups so I’ll state that it seems to work fine and I don’t have problems hearing my wife tell me what to do, which is why I don’t talk on the phone anyways lol

    So to be fair it is a good head unit.

  77. There have been a few too many negative reviews so I though i would give an honest one after some use.
  78. It is a car radio with a touch screen blue tooth dvd player and gps, if that is what you are looking for then I highly reccomend this item.
  79. I really feel it lacks refinement in its background functions like no user loaded background options and lacking in display options in the background itself.
  80. It is a basic unit, if I paid top dollar my review would be 3 stars, it does everything as advertised, if mobile link was actually supported by anyone and worked on new devices it would be 5 stars for its price point.
  81. I bought the American International (TOYK958) mounting bracket and the Metra wiring harness.
  82. The GPS functionality is nice, but as others have mentioned the volume jumps up (pretty loud) when you start that functionality.
  83. I am not running any subs or extravagant speakers, and thus for my needs this unit is working awesome.
  84. Even plugged into bench power the units didn’t even power up.
  85. Even tried to hook up an amp and it still sound’s the same.
  86. I’ve only had it installed for a few weeks but overall I’m quite happy with this stereo.

Buy Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din AM/FM/DVD/BT 6.2-Inch with Navigation here $136.49

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