masculine leather bag on frame light brown black lining

masculine leather bag on frame light brown black lining 1
Shoulder bag made of natural leather in which you will fit the entire hand-crafted office. Model Brodrene BL01 is an elegant laptop, designed to meet the requirements of an intensive lifestyle. Whether at the university or at work, you always have all the most necessary things on hand, hidden in a handy bag.

Brodrene bags, in addition to their functionality, are a very fashionable and stylish addition. You can be sure that by showing up with our bag at a business meeting, you immediately catch the attention of the interviewer.

A special protective foam inside the bag ensures the safety of your laptop. In addition, sewn organizer for pens and cards will make you never look for the most necessary things at the bottom of the bag.

A zip pocket on the wall of the bag is the perfect place for a phone, wallet or personal documents. Product Index BL01LB
Material Natural Sector
Color Light Brown
Dimensions38 x 29 x 9 cm
Warranty24 months

Brand: Brodrene

Best Deal! Leather Sling Bag Backpack, Multipurpose Outdoor Chest Bag Crossbody Bag for Men & Women 15L

best deal leather sling bag backpack multipurpose outdoor chest bag crossbody ba

  1. Life-Time Guarantee–built to last make the price worth it.
  2. Material & Multi-compartment: this leather crossbody tactical sling backpack small leather bag makes a great travel bag or daily tote.
  3. Made of top PU layer leather with Stainless steel zipper, zippers and closures are sturdy.
  4. Plenty of pockets (5 external and 4 internal) hold a lot of stuff.
  5. Well Organized and Multi-functional: this sling daypack can hold tablet of 15” (ordinary screen), Ipad, phone, cards, keys, pens, clothes and other small personal belongings with the multiple pockets for keeping away in good organization, and easy access.
  6. Ideal for for outdoor sports (leisuring, camping, climbing, cycling, etc), quick trips and travel use.
  7. Stylish drop shape design keeps your step on the fashion edge.
  8. Comfortable: the back of the sling bag is 3D decompression, soft and breathable, reducing tiredness; the shoulder belt consists of leather appearance PLUS mesh padding, and durable fabric, very comfortable to wear around.
  9. Recommend using as: Sling bag, Daypack, Chest bag, Cross-body bag, Shoulder bag.
  10. We ensure that the material and manufacturing are no have defects.
  11. Driven to provide the everyday traveler with the perfect sling bags, SEEU Backpack has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in daily journeys.
  12. Made of quality leather, this sling-style backpack has a lived-in distressed look that goes great with casual outfits.
  13. Fine Workmanship and Quality are Promised

    SEEU is expert at making backpacks and stick to the dream is to design and produce cool and quality bags for people around world.

  14. Anything product issures, we would be right here to help.
  15. I just need a compact bag that can carry some little stuff and not annoying me.
  16. Amendment to previous review

    This company contacted me and offered a free replacement.

  17. I’m very impressed with the company’s customer service.
  18. I received the replacement backpack within 3 days of their email and so far it’s great.
  19. It looks great, it a decent size for some light traveling or being a tourist for a day.
  20. Sturdy straps, zippers and pockets, very well made bag.
  21. It really has quite a lot of room inside to store your gear.
  22. And here are various zippered pockets (5 external and 4 internal) of various sizes and usefulness.
  23. The ultra-soft leather is very, very comfortable – it feels great in your hands.
  24. Perfect size for plane travel – small yet very spacious.
  25. Easy access to all compartments and it also is stylish.
  26. I use it for a number of things to include a concealed weapons carry bag.
  27. Primarily use it for concealed carry when I go to the movies or to a event that would involve large crowds.
  28. In any event while I am using the bag I do not really the weight and if needed I can easily swing the bag around quickly and easy to gain access in an emergency.
  29. I use it for just about everything that involves short term events.
  30. The bag is not big, but many pockets so can use to organize stuff, so easy to find.
  31. There is one pocket can put phone, another one for the wallet, the bigger space can put misc things.
  32. Because I don’t feel the weight when I pack a lot of the stuff.
  33. Love the way this bag design, Have enough pockets and space to place my keys, phone, and my personal items.
  34. It has big space which I think it can fit my usual carry items like charger and adapter.
  35. Not usable as a sling with a windbreaker- it will sit under your arm pit.
  36. It’s functionality with the exception of not fitting an IPad on the bag.
  37. The design is beautiful but I almost lost my cell phone on the first try.

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Polare Cool Real Leather Cross Body Sling Bag Chest Bag Backpack Large

polare cool real leather cross body sling bag chest bag backpack large

  1. Polare embodies all these characteristics, producing exquisitely crafted goods for a thoroughly modern and dynamic man.Polare brand has been specialized in men’s leather bags and leather wallets over 15 years.
  2. Ship From USA


  3. If you have any problem after purchase within 1 year,pls go to the order, choose: CONTACT SELLER.
  4. Never crossed my mind but my girlfriend has an eye for quality items as shes a boujie chick.
  5. She mentioned a nice quality leather bag, showed me the picture and i had to agree.
  6. When it arrived i made sure i didn’t jam the knife straight down the middle, like one guy did on here claiming it arrived that way.
  7. Anyways what you’re getting here is a quality product from a company that cares.
  8. I have a larger bag and I simply put too much stuff in it.
  9. This bag is large enough to carry my most important gear and small enough that I won’t be able to overload it.
  10. My only concern is where the carry strap attaches to the bag.
  11. I would prefer to see more reinforcement at the attachment point.
  12. The bag has a large main compartment with a small interior pocket.
  13. There is a medium size pocket on the back of the bag where I keep pens, pencils, and a writing pad.
  14. One is large enough to hold my multitool, extra tool-tips, a large ferro rod and my bug bite remedy.
  15. The second pocket is large enough to hold a small bottle of soap, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a couple of small plastic trash bags.
  16. The third pocket is very small and will only hold something very flat.
  17. A long zipper at the back of the bag allows the bag to expand to its full size.
  18. The main compartment and all of the pockets are lined with a smooth fabric, probably polyester.
  19. The pouch has a zippered compartment where I carry a bottle of insect repellent and a carabiner.
  20. That pocket is only large enough to hold a whistle and a small lighter.
  21. The carry strap is made of a canvas material faced with leather.
  22. It has a large plastic buckle in the middle of the strap.
  23. I usually carry it hung over my right shoulder or on my left shoulder with the bag hung across my back.
  24. With the strap as short as possible, the bag hangs at the small of my back and seems very stable.
  25. As of this writing, I’ve had the bag for about a month.
  26. I’ve used it every day and so far it has met or exceeded all my expectations.
  27. Having said that, the bag appears very well made, the zippers and closures look very sturdy, and the there are plenty of pockets (5 external and 1 internal) to hold an assortment of stuff.
  28. The one complaint is that the picture shows a darker color than what was delivered.
  29. What I thought I ordered was more of a brown color; what was delivered is a lighter khaki color.
  30. The strap is adjustable, but has plenty of travel to accommodate a ‘cross body fit’.
  31. I intend to us it as a shoulder sling bag, so strap length is more than enough.
  32. Update: I used this bag recently for a trip in to Mexico on vacation.
  33. Pretty much packed everything I needed while on the plane, and traveling, so I’m pretty happy with the utility of the bag.
  34. You can stuff quite a bit of carry-on in it, and the leather is of sturdy construction so that you don’t have to worry about anything falling apart.
  35. Doesn’t look like a woman’s bag at all which is what I like about it.
  36. I wanted a nice soft leather bag to carry around on outings and just day to day.
  37. You can easily fit your wallet, glasses case, sunglasses, a bottled water for you and the wife, your cellphone, a camera, the car keys, hand wipes.
  38. Just small stuff that you normally carry around in your pockets (or end up giving to the wife to put in HER bag) and it also looks rather cool.
  39. This bag also has a zipper on the back that you can open to expand the thickness of the bag and make it bigger.
  40. There is a small leather pouch with a zipper close at the top that can be removed.
  41. It’s kind of small and will only fit really small items like car keys or a credit card.
  42. This bag is perfect for a trip to an amusement park or even traveling by air.
  43. It is very low profile and hangs under your arm nicely.
  44. I was worried that if I hung it over my shoulder I couldn’t get to the main zipper because in the photos it looks like it’s on the wrong side.
  45. I just push it over toward my right arm and tilt it down and I can get to all the zippers easily.
  46. This is a well made bag that was thought out good also.
  47. There is a “hidden” zipper on the very back where you could put cash or credit cards or your wallet and it would be against your stomach away from thieves.
  48. I’m buying another in a different color as I like it so much.

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