jacket kg heavy duty thorn fit

jacket kg heavy duty thorn fit 1
Training in a weight vest is one of the easiest ways to intensify the workouts that you are constantly doing.

Adjustable with 0.45kg volumetric inserts, 10kg Thorn-fit weight vest, allowing you to gradually increase the strength during basic exercises. From sprints to lifting weights, the vest offers a unique level of flexibility, adapts to the body and provides a wide range of motion.

Thanks to two neoprene Velcro closure straps, the Thorn-fit weight vest fits most users for an individual fit. Thanks to the even distribution of loadbearing pads and shoulder pads on the shoulders and chest, the vest is comfortable and comfortable during use. Range of use

sprints, lifting weights, functional training

– easily adjustable assembled cartridges with a weight of 0.45 kg
– maximum weight of the vest 10kg
– adheres to the body and provides maximum mobility
– rug for comfort in the area of ​​ion frames and chest
– durable outer layer
– black color
– manual work in cold water; flat-dried (be weighted)
* weight tolerance for individual loads: -/- 3%

Brand: Thorn-Fit

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