light outdorowa sponge bob optimus

light outdorowa sponge bob optimus 1
A sensational sponge for scrubbing all types of pots and pans.

Shape for easy grip, rough side for scrubbing and soft (soft)

for polishing that is dishwasher-safe


Weight-9.5 g

Dimensions-10 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm


Brand: Optimus


Optimus Sliding Long Spoon

optimus sliding long spoon

  1. It extends long enough to reach in the bag while having enough handle outside the bag to hold onto with ought getting your hand messy.
  2. It is plastic so it won’t scrape the bottom of a metal cup or pan either.
  3. It is pretty durable and should last as long as you use it how it is intended.
  4. I would recommend washing it off after use, before you contract it.
  5. Bought a second one for my father as a gift because he loved the design so much!
  6. Very convenient, easy to stir/scoop pouch meals without getting food all over your hands.
  7. Sliding mechanism works well, I have used my spoon for two years without any issues.
  8. Extend for long reach into the bag and retract for storage.
  9. Extending portion good to poke into those deep pockets of food in either freezer bag or rehydrating cooking styles.
  10. I also like the extension when I’m simmering in the pot, gets my hand further away from the heat.
  11. Spoon bowl is a bit of a weird shape, too oblong in my estimate.
  12. Collapsed the Optimus Sliding Long Spoon is slightly less than 7 inches long.

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