vest lumina grid yellow reflective

vest lumina grid yellow reflective 1

– Vest without sleeves.

– Made of reflective polyester mesh.

– On the back, an oblong logo is printed, and the bottom is trimmed around the edge with a reflective trimming.

– The vest is very light and does not create any movements.

– After placing it in the smallest even purse on the rame.

– It provides maximum visibility on roads, which has a huge impact on improving driving safety in the city, at dusk or on cloudy days.

Dimensions for size L

– armpit width 48 cm

– bottom width 45 cm

Brand: Accent


Bpbtti Men’s Hi-Viz Safety Running Cycling Vest – Windproof and Reflective

bpbtti men viz safety running cycling vest windproof and reflective

  1. All measurements are approximated and we strongly recommend you check your own measurements before you place the order.
  2. Or you can see other customers’ opinions from the Q&A for reference.
  3. WIND RESISTANT and WATER RESISTANT – Made with wind/water resistant, odorless and comfortable material.
  4. Elastic bands are strategically put on the armholes and waist to seal out the breeze.
  5. The fabric surface is made with water repellent technology, it can repel the water.
  6. HIGH VISIBILITY – Hi-Viz yellow color with extra light-reflecting tapes placed on the front and back, enhance the visibility greatly.
  7. Make sure you can be seen from long distance or in low-light environment.
  8. It can make you safer when walking, jogging or motocycling along the road.
  9. THOUGHTFUL BACK POCKET – A thoughtful pocket on the back.
  10. LIGHTWEIGHT BUT DURABLE – The material is lightweight and rip-stop.
  11. It can effectively stop the cold winds from sneaking up on you.
  12. Bright fluorescent color and sufficient light–reflecting tapes ensure you are highly visible under kinds of weather conditions and dark night, keep you safe from coming traffics.
  13. Sleeveless and super light design makes you can act freely and comfortably.
  14. Running Vest and LED Safety Light Sets (4-Pack and 3 BONUSES), The …
  15. THE BEST PART is that darn thing is it’s REALLY bright and the reflective striping is above-and-beyond.
  16. Anyways, the fit is not fitted, as shown, in the picture.
  17. With the elasticized arm-holes, I’m a little worried about chafing there.
  18. Haven’t had “vest weather” yet.)
    Very light-weight, though.
  19. Will be interested to see how well it holds up to being yanked out of jersey pockets and then balled up again.
  20. It does it’s job and so far it hasn’t ripped or fallen apart.
  21. I must admit I am not as rough with it as say with the rest of my other clothes.
  22. It does run small so I would order 1x up in size if you’re hardly wearing anything under it and 2x up in size if you are wearing thicker clothes under it.
  23. I could barely get my arms into the arm holes, and it barely wrapped 3/4 of the way around me.
  24. The black stripes on the vest are all highly reflective tape and are very visible.
  25. Sizing-wise, we bought an XS and it was for our almost 5′ daughter and fits her comfortably – not sure how that would size in Men’s.
  26. One note though – now that I look closely, though this is the order and generally the vest does look just like this, the one we received is from a different manufacturer – the brand name on it is Cona Sports and very similar, but not exactly the product shown.
  27. I do notice that there is no reflective stripe along the zipper on the one we got.
  28. It packs down small so I could easily carry it in my bag.
  29. It offered wind protection and a layer of warmth on the cool mornings of the ride.
  30. It really came in handy when the route took us over roadways that sometimes didn’t have much of a shoulder.
  31. I could quickly get out the vest and put it on to increase visibility with traffic.
  32. It was one of the best pieces of equipment I had brought with me on the trip.
  33. It even has a pocket in the back to put some power bars in!
  34. I recommend every cyclist or runner to get one as part of their safety gear!
  35. I also do some running and will definitely be using it again.
  36. Vest needs to be medium so that is tighter and not so baggy.
  37. I ordered it for trail running and long-distance endurance/ultra runs.
  38. I have a 42″ chest, and ordered the XL, according to the sizing chart.
  39. Even with ordering a size larger than usual, it was still too tight across the chest.
  40. There is a soft, floppy ‘draft flap’ behind the zipper, which instantly gets snagged in the zipper slider as soon as you start to zip it up or down, even with using caution to avoid it.
  41. It’s very difficult to get un-jammed, once it’s gotten snagged.
  42. Once I finally got it fully zipped up without a jam, it instantly jammed when I tried to unzip it, leaving me stuck in the vest with no way to get out!
  43. I thought I might have to cut it off, but with a lot of time and patience, I eventually got the zipper down.
  44. They need to re-design this, either with a properly stiffened draft flap, or without one at all.
  45. It’s also very bright which hopefully makes it easier for others to see me.
  46. I will be using it to increase visibility on the water during rowing.
  47. Keeps you really warm and protect against the early morning mist.
  48. I tested it in a 35 miles bike riding yesterday morning.
  49. It has a generous amount of reflective material and that is a good thing.

Buy Bpbtti Men’s Hi-Viz Safety Running Cycling Vest – Windproof and Reflective here

EvoLike Premium Reflective Vest of Unique Design for Running Walking Cycling Jogging Motorcycle with Pocket + 4 High Visibility Wristbands + Bag

evolike premium reflective vest unique design for running walking cycling joggin

  1. To choose the right fit for you, please, CHECK the size chart on the picture no.4.
  2. However, we have have just launched the KIDS size for your small children and the EXTREME size to wear it over a thick winter or motorcycle jacket.
  4. Do You Want Your Safety ensured while jogging, cycling, biking, motorcycling or walking your dog in dark or dusk?
  5. Do you want to look stylish in reflective safety clothing?
  6. We have spent countless hours carefully designing this innovative reflective apparel to be just right for everyone.
  7. It helps to keep your body DRY and SWEAT FREE when performing activities.
  8. You can even use it directly on skin on hot summer days due to the soft and breathable material.
  9. And, thanks to the solid fabric structure, the visibility during the day is perfect too.
  10. You never attain this feature with the thin MESH vests.
  11. IMPRESSIVE LOOK – the unique design ensures the wearer looks smart and professional.
  12. BETTER VISIBILITY – the wide retroreflective elements are placed on the rare of the jacket where you need to be seen the most at night.
  13. Our reflective gear fits DOWN TO the WAIST and does not stop beneath the chest as most other vests do.
  14. Purchase 100% Risk Free With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!<
  15. Great for Running, Jogging, Walking, Cycling &amp; Safety.
  16. The velcro is strong and stays on perfectly even at highway speeds.
  17. Although I don’t use the arm or leg reflective straps, I suspect that they would work great for joggers.
  18. The material lets a reasonable amount of air pass through it.
  19. I live in the hot southwest desert with temperatures regularly reaching over 100, and my chest doesn’t get any hotter than if I wasn’t wearing the vest.
  20. My only recommendation for the manufacturer would be to add a few more inches to the height of the yellow side strap to increase side visibility a bit more.
  21. Although its current amount of side reflective striping is sufficient.
  22. Our rural neighborhood streets are narrow, don’t have sidewalks and in the evenings offer poor visibility but my husband said that when he was walking at night he knew cars clearly saw him because they gave him a very wide berth on the street.
  23. Come summer he would easily be able to adjust the straps in closer 3) Did not add weight or cause him to sweat any more despite the multiple winter layers he wears; good breathability.
  24. He felt they gave him more comprehensive upper and lower body visibility.
  25. We appreciated the pack it came in because we could avoid filling up horizontal shelf space but hang it from a hook in hall closet.
  26. The reflector strips are very strong, bold and numerous and the neon color is also strong.
  27. I wanted something sporty-looking that doesn’t look like I work for a road crew.
  28. I am 5’2″/130 lbs and this fits with or without a coat, although I would like the fit better if it were shorter.
  29. The velcro is adjustable and I have it at its tightest when not wearing a coat.
  30. I normally wear a large to an extra-large shirt so on a large man, this actually might not fit.
  31. When fastening the vest, I had to be careful that the Velcro was secured well as it is strong and will damage fleece and other similar material.
  32. I originally fastened the “spring” wrist bracelets above my wrist on the lower arm but it fell off easily and I almost lost one.
  33. I then put them around my wrist at the base of my clothing and it stayed fine.
  34. I do not recommend they be used over clothing because they sort of “unspring” when moving around in the jacket.
  35. I fastened the Velcro leg bracelets around my lower calf and they stayed put.
  36. The carry bag provided can be used to store these items.
  37. I use this to walk with a friend at night and she commented as to how extremely reflective all the gear was when the car headlights hit it.
  38. The vest is thin and a bit expensive for what you get but if it protects me from being hit in the dark it’s worth it.
  39. This vest is well made and about as stylish as a reflective vest can be.
  40. Its cut is actually slimming, and my wife does not object to wearing it.
  41. You can pretty much adjust them for any body type, tall, short, narrow or wide.
  42. These things do no good if people are unwilling to wear them, so the stylish appearance is a real plus!.
  43. The storage bag is in itself a safety reflector when hung from the handlebars, on the back of a backpack, or over the back of our recumbent trike seats.
  44. The wristbands are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off.
  45. We are delighted with the purchase and would whole-heartedly recommend this safety vest.
  46. By the way, in Europe, safety vests are required in all cars and must be worn if you leave your vehicle while parked along side the road (there are rarely any shoulders on European roads).
  47. The vests provided by the car rental companies are downright ugly!
  48. Next,time we travel over there, we are going to pack these vests along.
  49. Second, it can rolled up to a size about like a toilet paper tube and be stored away easily in my small tank bag.
  50. Third, it’s easy to put on, especially if you leave one velcro side together and one loose for ease of slipping it on.
  51. Fourth, it hugs your body so the wind doesn’t flap it around.
  52. I don’t use the slap bracelets but they are nice too if used.
  53. Openned it up and as tou can see, its not a bed set up, thin breathable material, reflective arm, leg.
  54. The bag that comes with it is small and it holds the vest and bands in it well.
  55. I feel so visible and the wrist straps are an added bonus, I love them way more than I expected to.
  56. Bag is also a great touch for holding all lights, vest, etc.
  57. The pros are that it’s relatively cheap, it’s reflective, and it fits well (S/M on 5’5 female).
  58. My dog and I were almost hit by a car in a crosswalk during the day.
  59. I bought this for me and I bought a doggie reflective vest.

Buy EvoLike Premium Reflective Vest of Unique Design for Running Walking Cycling Jogging Motorcycle with Pocket + 4 High Visibility Wristbands + Bag here

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