bike training magnetic Sportia measurement pulse

bike training magnetic Sportia measurement pulse 1
OPINIONS ABOUT THE PRODUCT! New magnetic bike with 2 years warranty!

The Sportia 908U training bike is a great exercise device in the comfort of your own home.

Train on it you improve your figure, you will have a positive effect on physical condition, burn calories and slim your thighs, make your skin more elastic and more elastic, you will fight stress and improve your well-being.

Thanks to our bike you will get more than you can spend:

– Health.
– You will improve the performance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
– Satisfaction.
– Perfect look.
– You will slim your thighs, firm and soften your skin.
– You will fight stress and improve your well-being.
– You will lose unnecessary kilograms.
In addition, you will increase the efficiency of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthen the muscles and general psychophysical condition.

The bike was equipped with a professional magnetic propulsion and a stable flywheel thanks to which it works without any sound!


– Reduce the amount of fatty tissue
– Increase resistance to stress.
– Increase the organism’s efficiency
– Slice especially the thigh, calf, buttock and stomach muscles
– Affects the development of cardiorespiratory fitness
– You will eliminate cellulite
– You’ll improve your mood
– Speed ​​
– Exercise time
– Distance traveled
– Burned calories
– Pulse

– Manual regulationload (8-point resistance adjustment)

– The technology of magnetic resistance was used which is more stable than the mechanical resistance
– Stable construction and solid construction Comfortable seat with adjustable height
– Extremely quiet so you can practice it at night
– Non-slip basesInstruction in English
– Conforms to the European safety standard EN 957
Maximum user weight-100 kg
Weight of the flywheel-5 kg
Total weight-18 kg (in a box of 20kg)

The width of the steering wheel-44cm
The height of the steering wheel-91cm
Height min. seats-69cm
Height max. seats-92cm
Width-53 cm
Height-110 cm
Length-92 cm
Height of pedals from the ground-24cm
Distance of the center of the seat to the steering wheel-61cm
Magnetic flywheel Adjustment The resistance of the wheel takes place through the magnetic brake, thanks to which the settings are more accurate. Users who practiced both a mechanical and a magnetic bike, appreciate the accuracy and span of magnetic equipment settings.

The magnetic exercise bike works almost silent, which increases its advantage over the mechanical bicycle, especially in home use.
LCD display Multifunctional LCD display, characterized by low power consumption, allows you to measure and control the most important parameters of training, such as the number of calories burned, distance traveled during training and total training time, as well as the speed of travel.

Brand: Sportia


Marcy NS908U Upright Exercise Bike

marcy upright exercise bike

  1. You will ease the stress on the ankles, knees, back, and hips while getting comparable results from walking or running.
  2. Improve overall cardiovascular health for better oxygen circulation while building stronger joints.
  3. Complete lower body workout that targets quadriceps, calves, thighs, glutes, hip abductors, abs, obliques, and other core stabilizing muscles with this incredible bike.
  4. Start shedding weight in the convenience of your own home.
  5. From 1934 through 1940, Walter Marcyan began entertaining audiences as a Vaudeville Strongman, performing incredible feats of strength and balancing acts.
  6. In 1946, Walter Marcyan opened the first of seven strength training gymnasiums, House of Health, in the Los Angeles area.
  7. He was the first to offer personal trainers to his members and emphasized the importance of strength training to men, women and children.
  8. In the early 1950’s, Walter Marcyan participated in the first organized body building competitions.
  9. Based on his own personal experiences, Walter Marcyan began building his own strength training equipment for his gyms in Los Angeles.
  10. In 1959, Walter Marcyan founded Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company.
  11. Walter Marcyan believed that everyone should have the opportunity and the knowledge to exercise at home with their own, professional grade equipment.
  12. His patented designs were years ahead of their time and still widely used in commercial and home applications today.
  13. Now, 50 years old and still going stronger than ever, the legendary Marcy brand continues to make its mark by offering new and innovative products to consumers worldwide.
  14. Marcy Fitness Company’s vision was to simply make strength and fitness training increasingly accessible to the entire nation.
  15. Succeeding with drive and determination, he quickly transformed strength and fitness training into a mainstream pastime and cemented Marcy fitness products as the bench mark for all home fitness equipment.
  16. Marcy Fitness offers a wide collection of home fitness equipment engineered to complement the natural movement of the human body and promote correct form and technique for all ability levels.
  17. Screen displays speed, distance, time, rpms & calories burned.
  18. Seat height adjusts to accommodate different leg lengths.
  19. Weighted and counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps.
  20. I’m a young female and put this together by myself in about 45 minutes.
  21. The only thing that irks me is the darn computer that tracks your speed, heart rate, etc.!
  22. I can’t for the life of me get it attached to the bike.
  23. It’s supposed to slide into the pole but the hole on the read out is too small.
  24. I will have my boyfriend look at this and go back and make sure all the bolts are tightened before serious use.
  25. I’m not so sure about the calories burned or heart rate readings yet though.
  26. I will update this review once it gets more use, but for now it gets 4 stars because of the issue attaching the computer/screen.
  27. This thing is quiet and easy to move in and out of storage in our basement when I want to ride it.
  28. To get the computer readout thing (technical term I know!) attached my boyfriend had to cut a slit in the plastic.
  29. I’ve put about 75 miles on it so far, working out almost every day.
  30. I tightened the bolts before riding today and they had not loosened much.
  31. I’m 5’9″ with long legs and to comfortably ride I have the seat on the highest setting.
  32. I found that my knees hurt on all the other height settings because they weren’t getting extended enough.
  33. I don’t think I’d recommend it for riders taller than 6′.
  34. I’m working out on my own time in the comfort of my basement.
  35. It’s much more quiet than my treadmil so my boyfriend can watch TV with me if he wants.
  36. Perfect size for an apartment or place with little room.
  37. Not sure how accurate it measures speed and distance, but regardless I’m more about maintaining my heart rate up for at least 30 mins to 1 hour.
  38. I’m about 5’11” and I’m great at the second to last notch.
  39. Only complaint I have is that the seat is very hard and it leaves my rear sore; therefore, I recommend a cushion.
  40. The things that took the longest were attaching the tension cable and getting the nuts tight on the bottom of the seat.
  41. I had to grab a separate socket to get the nuts tightened up.
  42. UPDATE (1/12/2017): I contacted support services and received a new main frame to fix the jerky pedaling motion.
  43. Now the pedaling is smooth but there is absolutely no resistance!
  44. I have adjusted the cable properly according to the instructions to no effect.
  45. I was initially pleased with this product despite the jerky pedaling but now I’m starting to regret my choice!
  46. Dropping my review down by a star until the issue is fixed.
  47. Good price has manufacturers warranty and it I’m 6 months pregnant it helps me control my weight gain!<
  48. It wasn’t terribly hard but the tools were hard for arthritic hands so I got my ratchet out.
  49. Some of the instructions could have been a little clearer as in how to get the computer on to the front brace and what to do with all the wires but that’s little stuff.
  50. It’s a very quiet bike and the resistance selector works well.
  51. It’s a little tippy getting on it but after that seems fairly stable.
  52. I am still trying to adjust the seat for the most comfortable ride for me.
  53. With my knees I am supposed to have my legs almost fully extended on the downstroke but that’s throwing my back out a little.
  54. All in all it’s a good bike for the money, compared to some of them I found it my area it’s a great deal.
  55. I am sure once I get my personal preferences worked out I will like it a lot.
  56. I actually didn’t think it had the heart monitor which it does and for cardio work outs that is just wonderful.
  57. I would reccommend it to anyone who is looking for a decent bike at a decent price.
  58. The bike is not very forgiving between different levels.
  59. I’ve been using upright exersize bikes for a long time and I would not recommend this one.
  60. It seems like one piece is missing to hole the electronics to the post.
  61. My daughter put it together and the electrical box doesn’t fit into place.

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