shin guard miter tension
Miter football greaves.

The lightweight plastic cover optimally absorbs shocks.

The inside filled EVA foam is a soft and durable protective material that ensures comfort of use.

Brand: Mitre


Lacrosse Balls :: NEW Massage Therapy Yoga Roller Ball for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release :: Because YOU Need the Best Rubber for Back & Foot Massage :: FREE eBooks Included

lacrosse balls new massage therapy yoga roller ball for deep tissue trigger poin

  1. If there are any issues with your product, we will SEND YOU A NEW ONE and give you a FULL REFUND!
  2. PRESSURE POINT MASSAGE – The Massage Ball Set is amazingly effective for deep tissue muscle massaging and acts like your personal masseuse.
  3. This highly effective trigger point therapy method will relax muscles, eliminate knots, relieve tension and stress, and quickly becoming the most popular treatment for foot or feet, back, neck and shoulder pain.
  4. TOP CHOICE FOR PROFESSIONALS – Recently adopted in Yin & Yamuna Yoga, the massage balls are the #1 choice for sports physiotherapy and myofascial treatment.
  5. These lacrosse style rubber balls are more firm than tennis balls, making them most effective in releasing pressure from trigger points.
  6. This set includes three (3) balls and a complimentary workout guide.
  7. From working out and sitting at a desk all day, these balls are perfect for loosening up my upper back and trap muscles.
  8. After using them, I realized I can get the exact amount of pressure I want, just by putting more or less of my weight on it.
  9. Having 3 allows me to take one to work, keep one at home, and put one in my car if I need it anywhere else.
  10. I usually use these while laying on the floor, but you can use them up against a wall as well.
  11. So, if you’re at work, you can find a wall and if anyone sees you, you don’t look too much like a loon.
  12. She didn’t recommend these specifically, but something akin to tennis balls.
  13. After doing a little research, I settled for these balls.
  14. They are just the right size with enough firmness in them to get that deep tissue massage that you need but not so firm that it is like a rock.
  15. The balls do have a weird smell when you first open the package, so feel free to rinse them and air them out for a while.
  16. Honestly, go get a cheap yoga mat or go on some rubberized flooring.
  17. Better yet, put these in like a mesh bag or something to give it more friction and to keep them together (for the neck).
  18. The black one is the firmest one and my wife and I use that one for our feet.
  19. The material is very durable and should withstand repetitive use without issue.
  20. They come with a carrying bag, which is nice since balls tend to roll around and lose themselves, or find their way into an eager pet’s mouth.
  21. The product is not exactly as pictured, as the crown logo is not a white color and therefore does not pop against the green/orange/black of the ball, but this isn’t really any issue.
  22. The major complaint is the smell that these balls emit when you first purchase them.
  23. I was hesitant to use them initially because I didn’t want to risk transferring that smell onto my clothes.
  24. The smell has virtually dissipated since my purchase months ago, but it was impossible to do anything to get rid of it other than just wait it out.
  25. I’ve been using them to roll out my glutes and the bottom of my foot.
  26. I keep one in my purse and use it at work and I keep one in my bedroom and one in the living room.
  27. After about a week of using them regularly throughout the day I was able to start running again with no pain in my foot.
  28. I love this roller ball set; arrived quickly and as expected.
  29. I found the material had no scent or odor & some rubberized materials might.
  30. My back/IT band was becoming so problematic, I really needed something I could easily transport.
  31. I use them nearly everyday and the travel bag makes them easy to take to work, which I do nearly daily.
  32. If I feel like I have a knot I need to work while at office, while sitting in chair, I place one behind my back and lean (back) into it.
  33. Given a number of factors, none of which are related to the roller balls themselves, but rather the size of my chair (too big), my frame (smallish) and the “give” in my chair, this obviously isn’t ideal, but it allows me to release the tension before it really builds up.
  34. I will say, when I’m in the office alone, which is quite often, I have no problem breaking these out & laying on the floor.
  35. Lastly, I found the quality to be so good that I placed an order from King Athletic for two types of resistance band sets–they should arrive today & I’m hopeful they are just as good/helpful as these.
  36. They’re very firm, but have just a bit of give, which makes them more comfortable to use around joints and bone.
  37. Some might not like or need three identical balls, but the set allows me to keep one in my gym bag, one at work, and one in my home gym.
  38. Even if you don’t use all 3 at the same time it’s nice to know you have another incase you lose one.
  39. The white print of the crown was not actually white on the ones I received.
  40. It was just the same color as the ball which made them a little hard to see but I didn’t really care about how they looked.
  41. As far as performance, they do what they were intended.
  42. It was a little difficult to figure out a good position to get these rolling on my back but once you get the hang of it it definitely works wonders.
  43. Great affordable alternative to getting those expensive big rollers.
  44. If you need a knot or kinks worked out these are awesome.
  45. They help you to alleviate muscle tightness and soreness.

Buy Lacrosse Balls :: NEW Massage Therapy Yoga Roller Ball for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release :: Because YOU Need the Best Rubber for Back & Foot Massage :: FREE eBooks Included here

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