polo mesh Mikasa MVA

polo mesh Mikasa MVA 1
Top-class volleyball match Mikasa designed for all kinds of professional matches, matches and olympics.

The ball approved by F.I.V.B. as the official ball at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, World Championships and Champions League matches. Made of eight elements, which ensures its more stable flight.

The most important change in the design of the Mikasa MVA 200 football is the rough surface in the form of micro-flattening, which definitely improves the controls in every situation.Tests carried out by Mikasa with the participation of the best volleyball players in the world have brought even better technical parameters, including improved flight stability, grip to the hand, increased ball visibility, its resilience and improved softness affecting the reduction of impact force.

The official match ball in all international competitions since the Olympic Games in Beijing, has the official FIVB Approved approval. Tests carried out in cooperation with the best volleyball players of the world by MIKASA corporations have resulted in many changes in the latest model MIKASA MVA 200.

– Size 5
– Material: ultra-delicate Microfiber, PU
– Construction: glued
– Weight: 260-280 g
– Circuit: 65-67cm
– butyl detector
– Certificate: FIVB Approved, FIVB OfficialGame Ball

– Increased grip for hands thanks to the new surface
– Reduced resistivity that results in more control over the ball
– Reduced impact strength due to increased balliness
– New logo in the layoutFIVB.
In the outer layer made of synthetic leather, a system of double micro-impurities and a smaller number of panels was used, thanks to which a much more stable ball flight was obtained, with increased grip to the hand.

The new layout of the panels and changes in the color scheme resulted in better visibility, further reduced the resilience and increased the ball’s softness for greater control and facilitation of defensive action.

The Japanese company Mikasa specializes in the production of the highest quality balls for volleyball, basketball, handball and water polo. Pilots for indoor and beach volleyball Mikasa have been considered the best in the world for many years and are official balls approved by the FIVB for the Olympic Games, ME or MS. Mikasa balls achieve outstanding technical parameters thanks to the special Super-Soft design.

Brand: Mikasa


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