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The training ball is especially recommended for use in schools and amateur rugby teams. Designed to maximally facilitate training. Made of a mixture of gums.

The rough surface makes it easier to grip and improves grip.



Brand: Mitre


Optimum SCOTLAND Rugby Ball

optimum scotland rugby ball

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    Pro Impact Rugby Shorts

    pro impact rugby shorts

    1. Everything today is like the strange basketball fashion where the shorts go down to the knees or lower.
    2. Not only do I want freedom of movement but I work hard on my legs and and don’t mind showing off the hard work!
    3. I did flip them inside out and discovered a number of loose threads that were clipped and could have caused mischief later on.
    4. Compared to Gilbert I would give them four stars since they are bit lighter in material but that might be great in warmer climates.
    5. Oh and the brand is sewn into the left leg and not a “heat transfer” label.
    6. They do run a bit tight so order a size up unless you’re a bean pole.
    7. Other than size, this product is exactly what I am looking for, thick stitching and heavy fabric for rigorous wear.
    8. They fit me well but were a little restrictive for some movements during practice.
    9. They feel durable and well made and if you need a cheap pair of practice shorts I would recommend these.
    10. I decided to give them a shot still, because I like my rugby shorts to be a little more snug.
    11. I ended up ordering a pair of KOOGA ANTIPODEAN II SHORTS in a 38, and these are a much higher quality short at around the same price, with a better fit.
    12. They are made of a comfortable material, breathable, and not too starchy.
    13. I prefer these shorts over the shorts I am encouraged to by from my own team!<
    14. A little longer than I prefer, but they’re durable and that’s really all you can ask for.
    15. I play college rugby and these held up great during the season, and they washed completely stain free which is always a plus.
    16. I would recommend wearing longer compression shorts underneath to avoid chaffing.

    Buy Pro Impact Rugby Shorts here $14.99

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