gloves MMA on Velcro allright
Intended primarily for training with a bag.

Glove model with exposed toes.

They are made of natural leather.

The glove filler is of medium thickness and is located in four chambers, an additional chamber protects the wrist.

Gloves are available in black.

S-hand width 62-75 mm

Brand: Allright


Punching Gloves, ZOOBOO Half-finger Boxing Fight Gloves MMA Mitts with Adjustable Wrist Band for Sanda Sparring Bag Training (One Size Fits Most)

punching gloves zooboo half finger boxing fight gloves mma mitts with adjustable

  1. Good for Intense training, Use this MMA Mitts to enjoy the fun during Sanda Fighting and punching training.
  2. DURABLE AND STRENGTH: The MMA Gloves made by premium synthetic leather and superior glove construction for lasting durability and strength, makes this punching bag gloves great for frequent training.
  3. WRAP WRIST SUPPORT: The foam strap provides extra wrist support and protects your fist during intense training with this punching training gloves.
  4. BREATHABLE MMA MITTS: Thumbs are not wrapped, perforations on the palms for increased breath-ability to keep you cool, to keep the sweat away and help you stay cool during the training process.
  5. WHAT YOU GET: 1 Pair Punching Gloves, 12-month warranty service.
  6. Three layers of protection:

    First: High Rebound EV.

  7. These Punching Gloves adopting high-class PU leather and high quality thread stitching, it is tough enough and durable for long-term use.
  8. These Punching Bag Gloves constructed with an ergonomically-improved pre-curve design.
  9. These Training Gloves keeps your thumb in an ergonomically correct position.
  10. These Boxing Gloves helps prevent injury and improves comfort.
  11. Special design improves comfort and safety with these MMA Gloves.
  12. I’m healthy but not fit so I do not have the muscle or strength to warrant such padded gloves for our Friday “kick boxing” exercises but I was not willing to spend 10 bucks more for girlie gel gloves.
  13. I received these in 2 days and brought them to class last night in my gym back.
  14. They had us do a mixed bag of exercises which included using the stand up punching bags.
  15. Most of the women have stretchy fingerless gloves with a long ace bandage type piece that wrap around the wrist with brightly colored accents and a thin gel pad that runs over the knuckles.
  16. The gloves are slightly bulky and stiff and once I get my hand past the elastic band at the base they are quite roomy.
  17. Four fingers slip easily into the finger holes and the thumb is free.
  18. I have put the same glove on both my left and right hand because of this and I’m not 100% sure which is which.
  19. I have fairly small wrists for my build so the velcro strap that just goes from one side to the other doesn’t really grip my wrist much but it’s not uncomfortable.
  20. So I have on these beefy gloves and start to punch the bag and it was so much fun!
  21. I feel nothing on my hand so I went to town on that bag, especially when the music was just right.
  22. I worked up a great sweat that i could feel into my core.
  23. I could hit that bag as hard as my might without any reservations and it was a fun workout.
  24. But at being less then half the price as those gloves I’m very happy with my purchase.
  25. Also my son and husband tried them on and liked them too so I guess they can get used when I’m done with them.
  26. On a side note, the skeleton design is clearly printed on one glove and barely visible on the other but I was not going to take a star away for that (though my son would), and I can’t comment on durability yet but there isn’t anything leading me to think they won’t last.
  27. As far as the one size, if your hands are small the roominess is fine, and seems fine for avg man hands but not for XL men.
  28. Since i do cardio 3 times a week and hit a bag for about 20 minutes these work great.
  29. If I were hitting bags daily or for longer I would probably get something a little nicer.
  30. Even with having these gloves on my knuckles still have broken open twice, so hand wraps would probably be beat as well.
  31. They also have a cool design on them that is nice from the standard solid color ones.
  32. I do a hard workout with a 100-pound bag, and these provide the perfect amount of padding and wrist support, without all the bulk of a full boxing glove.
  33. I didn’t get them for the imprinted bones, but they do add a bit of panache.
  34. So if you feel they’re slightly tight, give your hands some time to get used to it.
  35. After a while however, they stretch enough to become very comfortable.You won’t feel tight any more.

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VERUS Boxing Gel Inner Gloves MMA Muay Thai Martial Arts Training Hand Wraps UFC

verus boxing gel inner gloves mma muay thai martial arts training hand wraps ufc

  1. These gel padded gloves offer added protection and provide a more effective alternative than the traditional hand wraps.
  2. These gloves will help you go through the training session with comfort and ease.
  3. These premium inner wrap gloves are the perfect protection to wear under your MMA boxing or bag gloves.
  4. These integrated gel padding gives these wraps extra thickness and protection around the knuckles and back of hand.
  5. With 100cm of premium lycra straps you can wrap your wrists to give yourself maximum stability.
  6. The size small were a bit too tight at first but after using them and washing them they got better, about to order more and I think I’m going to try a bigger size this time.
  7. After extended wear circulation to fingers was lost under both glove types.
  8. The gloves fit correctly there was no loss in circulation the palm was a little loose the fingers a little tight and the wrist wrap perfect though i would have prefered the wrist to wrap in the opposite direction.
  9. However
    When punching the bag the fingers of the gloves dug into my fingers where my hands do not even make contact with my punching target.
  10. But that’s better than my fingers turning blue from lack of circulation!
  11. But there are definitely enough gel at the knuckles and the wrap around the wrists is long so there’s enough support there.
  12. I recommend for bag/partner drills but not professional fighting.
  13. I even sized up to a medium based on previous reviews stating so.
  14. I used these today and my fingers felt uncomfortable and they were big on the back of the hand.
  15. Nothing beats a full wrap, but for light drills and shadow work or when your gloves are going on and off a lot, these fit the bill.
  16. They feel a little tight around my fingers but I do believe I need to wear them out a bit.
  17. Other than that I do think these are really good gloves and I recommend them.
  18. I was using gel wrap gloves and going thru about a pair a month.
  19. These has lasted for several months without wearing, tearing or splitting.
  20. Had to take them off mid class, but good protection for knuckles.

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