glove MMA omigao skin Spokey
MMA gloves.

External layer-natural leather.

The inner layer-high quality synthetic leather. Filling-shock absorbing foam and protecting the hands.

The right cut and sewing provides a precise grip.

A long, wide belt guarantees stiffening of the wrist, reducing the likelihood of injury.

APPLICATION For MMA and krav-magi combat sports. Perfect for training on shields, bags, etc., as well as during sparring.

– Material: natural leather

– Size: M / L / XL

Brand: Spokey


RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Martial Arts Sparring Punching Bag Cage Fighting Maya Hide Leather Mitts UFC Combat Training

rdx mma gloves grappling martial arts sparring punching bag cage fighting maya h

  1. Bursting with shock-absorbent tech for more training, sparring and fighting purposes.
  2. I bought these primarily for heavy bag use as well as for one of my fitness classes that I teach that involves hand strikes.
  3. These are well padded and not cheesy feeling like another pair of gloves that I have made by Everlast for the same price point.
  4. These seem to be very durable and should last for some time.
  5. They are far better than the Venum gloves I returned, as well as the other RDX style I tried.
  6. I love my RDX boxing gloves for heavy bag work, but once I started Hawaiian Kempo, I needed a versatile mma glove for both bag work, and grappling, as well as sudden floor exercises, without taking my gloves off.
  7. Every other mma glove I tried left my knuckles torn up, blistered, bleeding.
  8. The gloves all fell short of covering my middle knuckles.
  9. These cover my knuckles perfectly, are comfortable, not too tight nor loose.
  10. Female, wearing size small, my hand measurement was right at 19cm, there is still a little room, medium woulda been too loose.
  11. If you’re torn between the two RDX gloves, this photo shows the difference, side by side.
  12. I finally found a MMA style glove that protects my knuckles which most other gloves have failed to do.
  13. I mainly use these MMA gloves for my Krav Maga and Thai Kickboxing classes.
  14. I have had these gloves less than a month (04/17/17) and the stitching between the upper pad and the lower pad is coming undone.
  15. I had to lower my review from 5-stars to 3-stars for now.
  16. What helps is going a size up so that I can wear handwraps inside.
  17. It gives me peace of mind and comfort that I’m less vulnerable to knuckle and wrist injuries when I pair these gloves with hand wraps.
  18. Previous Review:
    So I opted for grappling gloves because it doesn’t weigh down my gym bag on my morning train commute.
  19. Even with the handwraps under the gloves, it still chafes my knuckles.
  20. Without the handwraps, there’s still an issue with chafing.
  21. The inner lining of the gloves has an uncomfortable texture.
  22. Please consider this review before making your purchase.
  23. I was so impressed with the quality of the gloves that I am buying myself a set, as well.
  24. We previously had Century sparring gloves, which are stiff, uncomfortable, and the vinyl can cut into and hurt your hands.
  25. These gloves fit very well, and the leather was SO SOFT.
  26. I couldn’t get over how soft the inside and padded leather areas are.
  27. It will be a pleasure to get hit in the head with these lovely gloves!<
  28. No odd cracks or separated seams, gel padding is holding up well.
  29. I go thru 2 pair of Krav gloves a year and so far these will be outlasting the previous pairs.
  30. They seemed like very nice gloves, but were a bit big for me so I ordered a pair of smalls in red so we could tell them apart.
  31. When they arrived we both noticed that the “small” reds where much larger than the “medium” pinks, which isn’t reflected in the sizing charts.
  32. I’ll probably just end up giving these away to someone with bigger hands.
  33. Update: Changing review to five stars because I was sent a replacement pair of small pink gloves that fit quite nicely, though please keep the sizing difference in mind.
  34. TLDR: apparently different colors means different sizes.
  35. Kickboxing is a great way to get your knuckles bloodied up on bags, so we each decided to get these gloves, and we both love them.
  36. These give a solid “medium” amount of padding for the knuckles — not so much that it’s cushy, but just enough to keep your hands in good shape.
  37. Also, I want to give a shoutout to B2Fitness Sports for great customer service.
  38. One of the sets of gloves didn’t have the same fit as we expected (our first order may have been for an older model), but when we spoke to customer service they were very responsive and solved the problem immediately with no extra work for us.
  39. I liked the fit but the gloves slide a bit while punching.
  40. After the 3rd session, the seams started ripping on one glove.

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RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Martial Arts Leather Genuine Cowhide Punching Bag Mitts Sparring Cage Fighting UFC Combat Training

rdx mma gloves grappling martial arts leather genuine cowhide punching bag mitts

  1. These RDX┬átraining, sparring or fighting gloves are nothing short of ‘indestructible’.
  2. Develop punching power in the cage using authentic cowhide leather construction that adds to shock-resistance.
  3. Triangular Nabla-Palm design provides ultimate grip and ventilation.
  4. Quick EZ Velcro closure provides just the right kind of snug-fit necessary for wrist-protection and better punching form.
  5. Fit for all martial arts – this pair will make all the difference in your game.
  6. Different practitioners use different gloves according to their art.
  7. When younger I used bare knuckles on a heavy bag filled with sand.
  8. Forward 20 plus years and I’m in front of my computer a lot.
  9. I don’t need to wrap and the wrist band provides a lot of support.
  10. The firs time I used it, it was not comfortable and I felt it cutting into my fingers but after the second and third sessions, it fits well and provides good protection and shock absorption.
  11. I can hit as hard as I want and not worry about skinned knuckles.
  12. Use your own judgement and think about how you train when you select your gloves.
  13. I’ll review again if it does not hold up over the next few months.
  14. However, I have a rule that I don’t review boxing equipment until the item is thrashed beyond safe use.
  15. Pros:
    Breaks in quickly
    Good support

    With regular use, wears out at the same rate as less expensive gloves

    Here’s the problem: I box an hour a day, 3 days a week.

  16. These gloves were worn out after 4 months, and possibly sooner but I tend to overlook whether or not something isn’t usable anymore until I can’t.
  17. I loved these gloves, but I’m not going to buy another pair.
  18. They are flexible and comfortable, not like the gloves he had before.
  19. His old gloves became stiff and malformed after getting wet and then drying out.
  20. I know that leather can be chemically or naturally treated for different uses, but it was awkward that his old gloves became shrunken and stiff only after a couple of weeks use on the mat.
  21. Overall, the RDX gloves are very durable and offer better protection and comfort than other gloves I have seen my son use.
  22. The next time he needs any new gloves I will definitely have the RDX brand at the top of my list.
  23. I really like how these have good knuckle coverage past the first joint of the finger.
  24. I have been training MMA with these for the last month, and they have been holding up excellent.
  25. The leather smell is awesome (didn’t get nearly as good of a leather smell from my fairtex bgv1’s, but that is another story, still great gloves) and the gloves don’t have any bad smell to the inside, even after beating on them 5 days a week in class.
  26. However, I am sure to always remove them from my gym bag after every session and let them air dry, in front of a fan when possible.
  27. I will be sure to update this review after 6 months / 1 year to see how they really hold up.
  28. It only took me two 30 minute workouts for them to take some sweat and dry out to completely next trainig day they fit and conformed nicely to my hands.
  29. It absorbs the impact if you are punching a bit on the heavy bag, but just enough and allows you to still have the feel that you need to simulate striking a real opponent.
  30. Your hands are important and there is no reason to skimp of cheap hard leather of vinyl gloves.
  31. These gloves are like the gloves worn in full contact UFC, a full 3/4″ padding, not like the ones you purchase at sporting goods stores.
  32. Large fits me fine but the thumb is a little tight at first.
  33. After spending a couple hundred between the many I have bought at different retail stores and sporting goods I have finally found a great glove for grappling and striking.
  34. They arrived rather quickly, and I have to admit that they were even better than I had expected.
  35. They are made out of real leather, which was evident from the new leather smell when I opened the package.
  36. They come in their own storage/carrying case, which was a plus as well.
  37. The main thing that I noticed was that the gloves, while made from real leather, requires little to no break in.
  38. I was able to work out comfortably as soon as I put them on.
  39. Of course, once they are used for a while, I’m sure they will be even better.
  40. The gel adds good protection for the knuckles, but you can still close your hands completely and grasp things without constraint.
  41. I will definitely be recommending these gloves to others.
  42. I’m 5’9 185 and wear a size L in casual cold weather gloves.
  43. I ordered the XL RDX gloves thinking I would need the extra room for hand wraps.
  44. However, the XL gloves are too tight on my hands to fit hand wraps.
  45. Padding was a little thinner on the knuckles than i would like, fit is great and comfortable and the material is excellent.
  46. There is no way to crank it down tight enough to support the wrists.

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