glove MMA pro pu allright

– Made of high quality synthetic leather.

– Filled single layer foam passing from the fingertips end to the wrist of the glove, which additionally strengthens and stabilizes it.

– Contour shape with contoured and attached thumb for a secure position.

– Velcro closure around the wrist makes it easy to pull and put on.

– Perfect for sparring and training.

– Perfect for beginners.

Brand: Allright


Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

venum challenger boxing gloves

  1. The quality PU leather construction delivers greater durability for high performance usage.
  2. Triple density foam meanwhile provides unparalleled shock absorption, protecting your hands and extending your training time.
  3. An affordable glove with no compromise on quality, offering exceptional value for all levels.
  4. Let me say this, there’s a reason those gloves come “free” with the bag, it’s because they absolutely suck.
  5. I didn’t realize this until I picked up a pair of these beauties.
  6. The Venum gloves have ample wrist support and fantastic shock absorption.
  7. I can now hit the bag harder without fear of my wrist support not being there.
  8. Just a few maintenance tips that I’ve picked up over the past few months of use:
  9. When you finish spray down the inside with a bit of Lysol (or knock-off) disinfectant
  10. Next stuff in a bit of newspaper to allow airflow to move through the gloves
  11. Don’t stuff them into a nasty gym bag, let them air out in your garage or basement
  12. I’ve owned these for a month and they’re already tearing at the seams.
  13. I like how the gloves look, but overall the product isn’t great.
  14. I can’t believe I paid this much for a glove that has the stuffing coming out at the wrist after a month of wear!
  15. I’ve used them 3 times a week for the last six months and I’m not impressed.
  16. The material inside the gloves has ripped and stuffing is coming out.
  17. My thumbs are both damaged and sore from the shape of the thumb on the gloves which keeps jamming them when I punch even when I try to pull & tuck them in.
  18. I called and asked if I could return or replace them and I was told I couldn’t.
  19. After hitting the heavy bag for about 20 minutes the pictures show what they look like.
  20. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money but I am here to tell you to save it.
  21. I’ve had them for a few weeks and padding is already breaking down and stitching coming undone inside the glove.
  22. The gloves fit with gel fast wraps on with wrapping also.
  23. These gloves are high quality great construction and i can hit very hard with these and still have incredible protection.
  24. These gloves even crush my UFC gloves that were 80 dollars.
  25. Alot of other gloves get good reviews by people with baby hands and I have seen high rated gloves on here that were horrible.
  26. This is going to be a brand i will stick with for some time.
  27. There are gloves out there that are better but for a mid range priced glove this is the best out there, if were any better the company would be taking a loss on money.
  28. I have large hands because 6’0 196lbs and i can hit full force with these gloves no problem.
  29. I used the gloves today when they arrived on my porch and im blown away.
  30. Did a little research into what size I should get and as a 5’10” 165lb male I decided to go with 14oz.

Buy Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves here $29.98 – $59.99

Xinluying Punch Bag Boxing Martial Arts MMA Sparring Grappling Muay Thai Taekwondo Training PU Leather Wrist Wraps Gloves

xinluying punch bag boxing martial arts mma sparring grappling muay thai taekwon

  1. Thicken 10mm EVA pads under the knuckle protect hands against injuries and shock-impact.
  2. Refined padding curves on the knuckles, fingers and the hand side deliver efficient protections.
  3. Elastic 27cm wrist wraps with large velcro enclosure provides secure fit and support for training sessions such as punch bag,boxing, kickboxing, grappling etc.
  4. Open palm design with cylindrical hold bar promotes moisture escape while enhancing grip and helps to release pressures in trainings.
  5. The size options are good for kids, womens and mens cool training in summer.
  6. It delivers efficient protections against shock-impact in training.
  7. Refined padding curves on the knuckles, fingers and the hands down side provides overall hands guards.
  8. Special cylindrical hold bar offers grip and helps to release pressures.
  9. Open palm design with breathable mesh fabric creates a cool and fresh summer training.
  10. Product Specification:

    Available Color: White, Black

    Type: Half finger

    Material: Terry cloth, 1mm Synthetic PU Leather, EVA Pad, Stretchable Spandex and Neoprene.

  11. Suitable sports:

    Kickboxing, Grappling, Boxing, Taekwondo, Punching Bag, Martial Arts, Sparring, Muay Thai, UFC, MMA Training or Fighting etc.

  12. Do not wash together with other fabric to avoid fabric pilling caused by the magic paste.
  13. Before using the washing machine, you’d better put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation.
  14. Read full, honest review from a boxing student (with trainer input).
  15. Do not be fooled by the long strap in the photo – it is worthless, just for show.
  16. Compare this item to a pair of actual boxing gloves; the strap on this one just wraps around itself below the bend in your wrist.
  17. I put one of these gloves on and was able to get the exact same full range of movement/bend in my wrist as I could without the glove on.
  18. Then I put my trainer’s gloves on (which are a known brand) and couldn’t get anywhere near the same amount of movement in my wrist because they were doing the job they were meant for.
  19. I could actually see my knuckles through the flimsy excuse for pads when I made a fist, which should tell you something.
  20. These Xinluying gloves are better suited for sopping up a puddle of blood than they are for boxing/MMA training.
  21. It’s clear to me that the people giving this product 5-star reviews haven’t learned to make a fist, because if they were actually training they’d be singing another tune.
  22. I would sooner use my motorcycle gloves for boxing than I would use these.
  23. It’s a shame companies are allowed to market products like this when they can’t measure up.
  24. The old adage holds true this time; “you buy cheap, you buy twice”.
  25. That’s why I decided to purchase this MMA gloves for boxing training.
  26. The material at the knuckle is leather, which can provide maximum protection to the joints.
  27. The material it’s using is made of cloth material for the inside, not only makes it soft and easy to bend, but also increase the capability to absorb sweat.
  28. These MMA boxing gloves have two outstanding designs that I like.
  29. First, the hollow design at the palm allows quick dry of the sweat.
  30. Second, the fingers are not wrapped by the gloves, so while I am working out, I can use my iphone without taking off the gloves.
  31. These are designed to protect your knuckles from being abraded by a bag, not to protect anyone from damage from a punch.
  32. The product image seems to show farm more padding in the fingers and knuckles than there actually is.
  33. It offers freedom of movement without losing the wrist support.
  34. Also if you have a small hand, which I do, they come in XXS!!!
  35. I have averaged sized women’s hands, and these fit perfectly.
  36. They are fantastic for basic heavy-bag work, though be aware that if your bag has less than average give, you might want a more padded standard boxing glove.
  37. I followed the instructions on the site and double checked.
  38. I have a bad tendon on my right hand and the straps give me good support when I strike.
  39. It wont help you if you use poor form and hit incorrectly but they are forgiving in normal use.
  40. I was able to punch hard at the bag without knuckle issues/blisters at all.
  41. I’m 5’7″ and got a medium; they fit, but are a tiny bit snug.
  42. The mediums will work fine (just hard to get off when I’m sweaty after my workout!).
  43. Padded on the inside and out so works for kick boxing classes as well as defends the hadns from working with weights.
  44. If used vigorously every day only expect a 9 month shelf life.
  45. I stretched them out by wearing them around the house, while exercising, etc.

Buy Xinluying Punch Bag Boxing Martial Arts MMA Sparring Grappling Muay Thai Taekwondo Training PU Leather Wrist Wraps Gloves here

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