polo to basketball molten BGG

– Basketball ball of the renowned company Molten BGG6.

– Football with the new official 12 panel design.

– He has FIBA ​​approvals.

– The ball is made of high quality composite rubber, nylon seam, butyl detector, 12 panels.

– It has an official size and weight.

This model has an innovative Molten system-Dual-Cushin Technology.

This technology makes the ball extremely soft to touch, which reduces the impact of the ball when catching the ball. Ball in size 6.

Brand: Molten


Molten BGG Composite Basketball, FIBA Approved

molten bgg composite basketball fiba approved

  1. FIBA Approved, its durable composite cover allows for exceptional grip and handling.
  2. Molten’s signature GIUGIARO design enhances visibility, helping you focus on the movement of the ball.
  3. Take control of your game with Molten’s top of the line indoor basketball.
  4. They hold up for 4-6 months depending on how frequently we play.
  5. I understand they aren’t for outdoor use, but they maintain their great texture for a long time when used outdoors compared to other indoor basketballs.
  6. He felt that this ball was better suited for weekly indoor pick ups.
  7. The ball has a great feel to it, not to tacky and not slippery.
  8. The extra grooves allow for better grip and feel when preparing to shoot.
  9. Everyone that tried it says the visual rotation of the ball upon release helps analyze your shot a little easier and plenty of players thought it was a great shooting ball.
  10. Some thought it was undersized (I purchased size 7) and others thought that it felt a little lighter than the usual game ball we use (Wilson Evolution indoor leather composite).
  11. If you are looking for a great shooting ball (help analyze your shooting), this one can definitely help.
  12. I assume that it needs to be broken in even though it is composite, but it starts off with a great fell already!
  13. After playing with the FIBA style basketball I find myself not wanting to go back to the normal American style basketball.
  14. The additional grooves offer greater control and the multiple colors makes the ball easier to see.
  15. No other way to explain it except that the ball feels great coming out of your hands on every shot.
  16. If you haven’t used a FIBA ball, I would greatly recommend it.
  17. These balls are supposed to get better as you use them.
  18. Once you break in the composite, the ball becomes softer and has a better feel.
  19. I haven’t gotten my ball to this point yet, but it’s already an excellent ball.
  20. Yea it’s the same height as it but the thickness of it.
  21. While the BGM7 I had before this felt a little small and light (not quite like a size 6, but noticeable), this ball feels like all the other regulation size 7s other people bring to the gym.
  22. I’ve probably used it 5 times and it still feels a little slick, unlike the BGM which was grippy until the surface started to wear off after a year and a half of use.
  23. One minor issue: A few of the seams feel rough, like the leather patch turns up just a bit instead of being covered completely by the black rubber.
  24. It’s not very noticeable and doesn’t get in the way of playing, just worried it might fall apart faster than a leather ball should.
  25. This is my second favorite basketball, and while it isn’t quite a Wilson Evolution, it is a great value for the money.
  26. An Evolution doesn’t look as cool leaving your hand, either.
  27. I feel like i have more control with this ball than i do with my wilson evolution, which is top of the line for its price.
  28. And white offset definitely helps you with rotation when shooting.
  29. The only cons i could find are that this ball seems lighter than american balls.
  30. So when i have been shooting around for half an hour with this ball and then play a pickup game with one of the gym balls, usually a Spalding TF1000, its difficult to adjust the weight difference when shooting.
  31. Its a little annoying but an easy fix, i just dont shoot with my FIBA ball :/.
  32. Its still a great ball, just annoyed that i spent so much and dont really use it to often.
  33. I bought the same size but when l inflated, it seems to be a women’s size ball.
  34. Completely different from the GG basketball that my friend bought from retail shop.
  35. It really shows the backspin when proper technique is done right.

Buy Molten BGG Composite Basketball, FIBA Approved here $49.80 – $52.95

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