stands tiered titanium sport tss

stands tiered titanium sport tss 1
Multi-level racks-Titanium Sport-TS1S03 These racks provide you with full belaying during each exercise: from the negative slant, by pressing to flat and in positive slants, shoulder exercises to barbell squats.

Thanks to it, you will feel 100% safe, which will allow you to concentrate only on the correct training. In the latest model of stands, we used laser cut hacksaw shoes, which facilitate the removal of the bar after a series of exercises.

Thanks to ongoing investments in sheet metal forming machines and profiles, we set new standards on the market of inexpensive household appliances.

The technologies and modern solutions used go hand in hand with the best quality of materials used.

As the only company in US, we produce home appliances using state-of-the-art computer controlled machines, which ensures perfect fitting of the parts and significantly enhances the aesthetics of workmanship. Thanks to the use of strong profiles 40x40mm and thick plates connecting the individual elements of the stands, we guarantee full equipment stability, which translates into the safety of your training. weight of stands 30 kg strength-200 kg


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