rubber TERMINALS neverland for Kiev Nordic Walking trekking
The universal size fits most types of Nordic Walking poles, trekking poles and hiking sticks (diameter inside the 11mm cap).

, The tip is equipped with an internal metal protection to prevent the tip from piercing. Caps made of rubber. Price per item

Brand: Neverland


Trekking Walking Pole Replacement Tips Made of Premium Durable Rubber / Hiking Staff Tips for Pavement, Rocks, Gravel / Shock Absorbing, Better Grip, Traction and Stability – set of 4 pieces by Cruzyo

trekking walking pole replacement tips made premium durable rubber hiking staff

  1. You’ll get excellent grip, less vibration, significantly lower noise and a longer life range than for other materials.
  2. So you’ll get almost 100% increase in the lifespan of your rubber tip protectors and nordic walking boots / asphalt paws!
  3. Our Heavy Duty Hiking Pole Accessories Will Support Your Goals For A Better Life!
  4. Included Will Be A Pack of 4 (four) Pieces Made of Premium Vulcanized Rubber.
  5. Premium Tip Protectors / Feet The metal tips on your trekking poles will slip and slide on rocky surfaces.
  6. Use these tip protectors to gain traction on hard terrain (rock, pavement, concrete walkways) or to reduce the noise while hiking in some areas.
  7. Additionally, they will protect your Tungsten tips when traveling and need to store them in your carry bag or backpack.
  8. Comes with an embedded metal washer which prevents the tungsten tip from poking through!
  9. Use them on indoor surfaces or on pavement, roads & sidewalks.
  10. Comes also with an embedded metal washer which prevents the tungsten tip from poking through!<
  11. They Also Fit The Most Popular Brands Of Trekking Poles On The Market Today!<
  12. About Cruzyo Outdoor: We are a small team of outdoor enthusiasts, striving to create and promote high-quality products so you can enjoy your outdoor recreation.

Buy Trekking Walking Pole Replacement Tips Made of Premium Durable Rubber / Hiking Staff Tips for Pavement, Rocks, Gravel / Shock Absorbing, Better Grip, Traction and Stability – set of 4 pieces by Cruzyo here

Leki Rubber Fitness Walking Tip

leki rubber fitness walking tip

  1. In my opinion, these LEKI Rubber Fitness Walking Tips are well worth the money.
  2. UPDATE 6/24/2013 – I have now walked over 180 miles on asphalt and concrete with this pair of tips.
  3. They still flex the same as new and show very little wear.
  4. SECOND UPDATE 2/4/2016 – They show wear now but still work as before.
  5. Due to recent injury I’ve found it necessary to use a cane/walking stick when walking any distance, especially on hard surfaces.
  6. I added this to one of my LEKI adjustable hiking poles.
  7. The rocking motion makes for a more natural walking movement and places less stress on the arm holding the cane/hiking stick.
  8. Since I am using only one pole as a cane, I turn the tip so the “toe” is forward which gives me better stability on the forward motion.
  9. REI states that the toe should point backwards when using a pair as Nordic walking poles as the poles are used to push off from behind, and this gives more surface contact.
  10. Please note, this tip will only fit a hiking/walking stick not a traditional cane.
  11. I prefer the hiking/walking stick because I can adjust the height, and how I’m grasping it, making it more versatile than a traditional cane.
  12. REI states that they are also not compatible with other brands of walking sticks, but some have found they work with some of the other brands.
  13. You see, I walk on concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads 6 miles a day, and the Leki Rubber Tips are the only ones that last 3 months or more.
  14. This is significant, considering the others didn’t last 3 weeks.
  15. By the way, my poles are Black Diamond and the Leki tips fit perfectly.
  16. The new label calls them the Rubber FITNESS Walking Tips and they are not.
  17. So I’ll return them and some machine probably will put them back for sale here with the wrong label, since they are unopened.
  18. I’ll get mine from REI as this same order had the very same issue with the LEKI DSS Antishock Carbide Flextip label stuck onto a package of Nordic Walking Baskets, which makes no sense.
  19. Rather than pack a cane, which I don’t use anyway, I put these tire-tread-like tips on my Leki poles.
  20. Hey, now they are suitable for concrete, cobblestone, marble steps and other urban surfaces.
  21. These won’t damage a marble plaza, are stable on slick flat surfaces and let you use your pole as a walking support for stability and to reduce fatigue.
  22. The pole collapses for travel, making it easy to bring along.
  23. You can clean them out after walking by running under water and using and old toothbrush to remove embedded sand and dirt.
  24. We found them to be among the most important items we carried with us.
  25. We constantly changed terrain from rocky to packed dirt to pavement to gravel roads.
  26. While on pavement we found the standard Leki carbide tips to be too noisy and to provide less than optimal traction.
  27. Slipping these walking tips on or off took less than 30 seconds, and we eventually didn’t even need to break stride to make the switch.
  28. Another reviewer mentioned that he pushed his poles right through these tips as soon as he started using them.
  29. I am a big guy and I put a lot of weight on these poles, especially on the downhill.
  30. These tips are in as good shape after 10 days of constant use as they were when I started.
  31. I highly recommend them for anyone with Leki poles who expects to spend time walking on paved/tarmac roads.
  32. I do not use the Swix and think they may not fit them well either.
  33. But then, I’ve found the Leki sticks to be far superior and never use the others.
  34. I first thought they were better than the standard tips that come with the Leki.
  35. Today, for instance, I walked a sidewalk that had patches of light sand, pine needles, and dried grass clippings.
  36. I put the standard tips back on and slippage was less – much less.
  37. However, the reverse is also true at times depending upon what you are walking on.
  38. They cause a slight amount of “bounce” or springiness as the tips contact the ground.
  39. That may be good or bad depending upon the individual walking style.
  40. The standard tips are more precise when planting the sticks during the walk.
  41. Basically, I’d suggest both tips for the Leki sticks and to switch them when you deem necessary.
  42. Depending on the conditions one will provide better traction than the other, but there doesn’t appear to be any distinct determination when or why.
  43. I say this after miles and miles of nordic walking on sidewalks and pavement with both tips on my Leki nordic walking sticks.
  44. For now, I use the standard tips as my primary, but I keep these in my pocket in case I think they may work better and maintain a supply of both.
  45. I do not regret getting them and keep ordering replacements as needed.
  46. Others are having to be regularly replaced but these far outlast all others.
  47. If you are Nordic walking these do the trick though they slip on wet or damp pavement.

Buy Leki Rubber Fitness Walking Tip here $21.50

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