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The Nike Ya Cheyenne Backpack sports backpack is a backpack for every occasion. Perfect for school, for training or as a sports supplement. Made in a classic style with the highest quality materials.


– Capacitive main compartment with two-way zipper, inside additional pocket,

– Smaller pocket on the front for small items, e.g. keys, mp3-player,

– Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps,

– Back slightly stiffened, soft, ideally suited to the shape of the back,

– Practical holder for holding,

– Light and practical,

– Height: 43 cm

– Width: 28 cm

– Depth: 17 cm

– Capacity: 20 liters

Brand: Nike


NIKE Sportswear Hayward Futura Backpack

nike sportswear hayward futura backpack

  1. The durable shell features a new graphic along with additional pockets for extra small-item storage.
  2. She loves how much room it has and it’s very durable for all of the things she has to carry back and forth.
  3. She tossed out her other backpack because she loves this one.
  4. I purchased this one it has a place for shoes and gear like others.
  5. I used to carry a duffel bag to the gym which is fine but it usually was too big for what I carried.
  6. This back pack can hold my gym shoes and gym clothes, water bottle, wallet, and supplements and I can prob still fit more in.
  7. It will also hold a whole “regular” outfit non gym clothes.
  8. It was a gift I would not pay what it cost for myself,l’ve seen a lot nicer backpacks for less.
  9. Lots of room, and love the clip that you can use in the front for more support.

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Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack

nike club team swoosh backpack

  1. Zippered cleat and ball compartments store gear separately.
  2. Top and interior zippered pockets for small-item organization.
  3. Adjustable curved shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
  4. Needed a pack for my kiddo, she just started playing volleyball on a club outside of school and coach asked them to come to practice prepared with gear in a pack instead of scattering stuff all over the gym floor.
  5. Exterior water bottle net is good for a medium sized one, large main compartment will hold a change of clothes, lunch, 1st aid kit with space to spare on tournament days.
  6. Great quality, I expect it will stand up to rigorous use.
  7. Will update when the season is over, but for now – very happy camper!<
  8. Initially I thought he would regret going to this lightweight pack, and I thought I would regret spending money on something that looked like it wouldn’t hold up.
  9. As it turned out, I was wrong on both counts: this pack has no rips or broken zippers, and holds all his heavy school stuff.
  10. Guess I didn’t just pay for the Nike swoosh, the backpack is actually a quality product!<
  11. This pack is not “structured,” it is lightweight, thin fabric, with very minimal padding anywhere.
  12. It’s not the type of backpack that will protect delicate electronics, no special compartments for tablet or laptop.
  13. It has variously-sized zippered pockets and a very roomy main section.
  14. This pack actually holds more than his old Ogio Squadron, even though it looks smaller.
  15. Looks good, light and easy to carry, holds a lot of stuff.
  16. It fits in a standard locker, you can easily hang it on a hook from within the locker and access everything from the front of the bag.
  17. I found it’s much easy to carry things using this bag than using a conventional gym bag with the standard shoulder strap that always seem to slip off your shoulder.
  18. It has a lot of hidden zipper pockets making it easy to access those things you need the most.
  19. He has been using it for a few months now, and I expect this backpack to continue to get a lot of use.
  20. It is quite durable and I feel it is worth every penny I spent on it.
  21. My son picked out for school, I have to say I was worried when It arrived I didn’t see the zipper along the back but once I did all worried went away.
  22. My son wanted this for school and his school is weird with how they do things but in a good way.
  23. He’ll have more then enough room for all his homework nightly.
  24. As of right now I’m able to fit all his back to school supplies in there with tons of extra room 🙂 The bag is GREAT material, tons of additional compartments, this bag will hold up and I LOVE the extra wide should straps.
  25. All in All I’m very happy with this purchase as is my son.
  26. He really likes the look of it and says it is comfortable.
  27. I would say it holds a good amount; 2 3inch binders, 3 notebooks, and a couple class books, still with room to spare.
  28. It is a good size bag for his athletic uniform and shoes.
  29. The quality of the bag is really nice, and it is big enough to put 2 soccer balls in it,…

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