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The Nike Mercurial Lite is a football greaves that have a hard, but lightweight cover to protect against injury during play. Breathable and contoured sleeve provides a comfortable fit and protection during intense actions.

– Nike Guard Lock sleeves offer a secure cut without the need to put on straps

– Anatomic fit to the right and left legs ensures comfort

– Low-profile cover guarantees comfort and protection against injuries


– Brand: Nike

– Model: Mercurial Lite SP0284-101

– Compliant with NOCSAE federation NFHS / NCAA

– Carry in the set

– Material: protector: 69% K-resin, 31% EVA.

Glove: 65% polyester, 19% rubber, 16% spandex.

– Manual work

Size (cm)


Height 140-150 150-160 160-170 170-180 180-200

Brand: Nike


Mercurial Lite Shin Guards – White

mercurial lite shin guards white

  1. It’s a competitive outlet for everybody, and even though we’ll usually grab a beer afterwards, the games can get intense.
  2. While the league stops short of requiring players to wear shin guards, the overwhelming majority of us wear them.
  3. When I signed up to be my team’s goalkeeper and started researching shin guards, I had four priorities:

    1) Protection: Will these shin guards protect me from major kicks and blows to my shin?<

  4. Coverage Area: Do they cover enough of the vulnerable area of my shin?<
  5. Stay in Place: Are they going to slip & slide around whenever I slide — or tackle?
  6. Unobtrusive: Are these guards sleek and ergonomic enough so that they won’t interfere with my movement?<
  7. The Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards seemed quite popular and highly regarded, so I gave them a try.
  8. They have protected me from some extremely harsh blows to the shin.
  9. Additionally, the fabric sleeves keep the guards securely in place — even after the nastiest slide tackle.
  10. See attached pictures.) That way I’m not having to constantly readjust them throughout the game.
  11. Once you slide the guards into the sleeves, you simply cover them up with your regular soccer sock.) The guards are also ergonomic, fitting the contours of my shin almost perfectly.
  12. In that way, they provide great coverage where it’s needed, without wasting added bulk in places where it’s not necessary.
  13. One guard is specifically designed for the contours of the right shin, while the other is designed for the left shin.
  14. Most shin guards don’t even bother with a separate design for each side.
  15. Again, feel free to see attached pictures.)

    As for sizing, I am 6’1 & 185 lbs, and the XL fit me perfectly.

  16. Having used several pairs of shin guards over the years, I can say that these are my all-time favorite.
  17. I don’t think the sleeves would be comfortable if they were any tighter on her calf but they are snug enough to keep the guards from slipping around.
  18. FINALLY I have found one that does not slip out of my kids’ soccer socks.
  19. Every other brand seems to pop out & my kids don’t like wearing them without a sleeve.
  20. These are also MUCH better smelling than the Under Armour sleeves.
  21. My son is 10 1/2 & is average height & very thin for his age.
  22. My daughter is 8 1/2 & is quite tall for her age & has an athletic/muscular build.
  23. I wanted to share the sizing because I was very confused on what size to buy!
  24. The small is good for both of them & should last awhile.
  25. The sleeve does fit tightly, but it is supposed to be a compression fit.
  26. It will leave marks or indents on your leg if you wear them too long (meaning a few hours or more), but nothing horrible.
  27. They fit her fine-I got her the small-she’s about 60 pounds and 4 foot something.
  28. I’m a defender btw, and they help up well, helped me focus on just defending then adjusting my shin guards all the time like with my old shin pads 5/5.
  29. I was originally putting the sleeve over them thinking that was needed to keep them in place, but I was in a hurry to a game one day and forgot the sleeves and the shin guards stayed in place just as well.
  30. The padding on the inside really makes these fit well and prevent them from moving around.
  31. The solid outer shell has protected my shins wonderfully so far.

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Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards, Size X-Large

nike mercurial lite soccer shin guards size large

  1. Not from the gym) and these cover the shins well, provide great breath ability and stay in place with just the compression sleeves with no socks.
  2. I was worried after some reviews said they were small, they’re just fine.
  3. The guards stay in place and you hardly notice you are wearing them.

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