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Football Nike NK Merc Fade 5 SC3023 designed for outdoor play, dedicated to amateur games and training. It has been machine-made from 26 panels using durable and flexible materials, it has a TPU coating





Brand: Nike


Nike Mercurial Fade Soccer Ball

nike mercurial fade soccer ball

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    Mercurial Fade Football – Ghost Green

    mercurial fade football ghost green

    1. This training soccer ball’s 26-panel design with 6 double-hex panels ensures true and accurate flight on the practice field.
    2. Featuring an updated outer pattern, the Mercurial Fade’s colorful graphics allow greater visibility and tracking, plus its polyurethane casing promises a great touch and durability.
    3. Earn the starting spot with some extra kicks with the Fade.
    4. Even when fully blown up, it’s a little wrinkly and it never stays fully inflated.
    5. The color is slightly duller than the picture shows, and it attracts dirt really easily.
    6. Even after a few attempts at washing it, it’s still very dirty, as you can see in the attached picture.

    Buy Mercurial Fade Football – Ghost Green here $17.99 – $18.96

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