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Nike Revolution EU is one of the basic models of running shoes offered by Nike.

The model in full will satisfy the needs of a beginner runner.

The model has a upper made of a breathable mesh, which will provide comfort.

Strategic seats are reinforced with an additional layer of textile material.

The inner insert fits perfectly to the shape of the foot, which will allow for natural movement.

The midsole made of Phylon foam will provide cushioning.

The incision on the outsole will give optimal adhesion to the various substrates. Footwear dedicated for women.

Brand: Nike


NIKE Wmns Revolution EU – 706582500

nike wmns revolution eu

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    NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

    nike men revolution running shoe

    1. They feel amazing and helped my get through a 10 hour work day on a hard concrete surface.
    2. They don’t hurt my feet what-so-ever and they actually helped with my back problems quite a bit.
    3. My only issue with them was with the stitching of the two different materials near the baby-toe area.
    4. These have merely been walking shoes for work while I’m on my feet all day.
    5. It’s simply poor placement of the mating of the two materials.
    6. You’ve got the tougher toe strip that you see in the pictures and then you’ve got the lighter, breathable, web-like material beyond that.
    7. Where those two materials are stitched together, it doesn’t hold.
    8. My finger is pressed up against the inside so you can see the size of the hole.
    9. Both shoes are identical as far as far as the hole goes.
    10. No pair of Nike’s should start to fall apart after only 2 months.
    11. I guess worn merchandise is worn merchandise and I’m simply out of luck.
    12. I could wear them all day long, but now I have to consider buying something else.
    13. Perfect if you have knee issues and don’t need to have the extra weight when you walk.
    14. They were a little longer than expected but not too long and plenty wide.
    15. One thing I did not think was as good as usual was the insole support.
    16. Just kinda wondering what NIKE was thinking when they made this shoe.
    17. All said the shoes are nice but not NIKE’s usual quality and a bit over priced when taking quality into consideration.
    18. I won’t return them but probably won’t buy another pair.
    19. I am a 59 year old distance runner (mainly 10Ks, but occasionally 10 milers).
    20. I put over 400 miles on the last pair in less than a year, and they look like when I bought them.
    21. No tears in the mesh (always with my other shoes), no real breakdown on the outer sole, nothing fell off!
    22. The insole began loosing cushion at the end, but what shoe wouldn’t?
    23. I like them a lot and am not normally a Nike fan, rather New Balance.
    24. They seem minimal sometimes but not to where it bothers me or causes any injury.
    25. Get them before they are gone as they are hard to find.
    26. I’ve been wearing one Revolution or another for over 5 years.
    27. I once made the mistake of buying a different style of Nike’s, and they were terrible.
    28. Especially has a thick heel, which the other pair lacked, making it terrible for lots of walking.
    29. If the heel is too short, it will absolutely strain your ankles.
    30. I’m a university student and work in a lab, so I’m constantly standing or walking during the day.
    31. These are very comfortable, they fit as expected and aren’t too narrow.
    32. I don’t know how to describe the comfort except to say I don’t even notice them, so they certainly aren’t uncomfortable.
    33. Too be fair, they are just shoes, and they breathe really well, but they are not even slightly water proof.
    34. I guess you have to sacrifice some durability for the comfort factor.
    35. I’ll be keeping an eye on the price here, just to buy a second pair on sale for when my current ones wear out.
    36. I was looking for a decent and good looking pair of shoes that I could accommodate with …
    37. Unlike a lot of shoes of their kind, it’s easy to remove the genuine insoles and replace them with whatever fits your feet.
    38. I must say that I was very surprised by the comfort of theses shoes.
    39. They are a little bit on the wide size for me, but I must acknowledge I didn’t check their width when I bought it.
    40. Except that, if you tie the shoe lace consistently, the foot is well sustained (with orthodontics) and the shoes are extremely durable.
    41. I wore them on a daily basis for almost one year and a half for my daily occupations and, at the time when I write this review, I still wear them.
    42. They went several times for a dive in my washing machine and they were fine.
    43. I wish this product could be continued, as I really think it is a great one.
    44. If you have flat feet, they may be uncomfortable until you get used to them.
    45. It fits him perfect and has a pretty good look, not like other W design.

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