Nikwax base wash ml agent detergent pouch
A revitalizing cleaning and care agent for synthetic technical underwear and clothing with the ability to transfer moisture, directly attached to the body. BaseWash® effectively cleans, refreshes, prevents the accumulation of odors, accelerates drying and improves the cooling effect of synthetic layers from the membrane. Volume: 50 ml (sachet)

Attention !! At any time, check the label attached to the clothing and follow the instructions on it. Before re-impregnation, you should work on your Nikwax Tech Wash each time. When washing in an automatic washing machine before adding Nikwax, remove all traces of detergent from the washing machine’s dispenser. Do not allow the agent to get into your eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not eat.

Brand: Nikwax


Nikwax Base Wash

nikwax base wash

  1. Outperforms household detergents at improving wicking, accelerating drying, and removing and preventing odor.
  2. Recommended for synthetic base layer and next to skin garments.
  3. Water-Based: water based products that effectively apply waterproofing, designed to use in a washing machine.
  4. Aerosal – Free; being aerosol free we avoid the release of hundreds of grams of harmful propellant and solvent.
  5. Biodegradable; Nikwax places great importance on not leaving behind compounds that are environmentally detrimental.
  6. As of the end of 2017 our operations have been carbon balanced for 40 years.
  7. However, it also has a tendency to develop and harbor stench.
  8. Using a technical detergent like Nikwax Basewash, Nikwax Basefresh, and Nikwax Wool Wash will eliminate odors and also helps improve the technical performance by increasing wicking.
  9. It deodorizes and freshens while enhancing the wicking and drying time of next-to-skin synthetic technical clothing.
  10. My husband and I both work out a good bit (and he hikes/camps), and I have not been able to find anything that truly cleans our dry-fit gear, rather than just covering up odors with loads of perfumes.
  11. I have tried just about every mainstream detergent (average grocery aisle purchase), wash boosters, and multiple smaller-label brands that are designed specifically for outdoor gear.
  12. NOTHING works like this stuff, and with a houseful of boys, I hope to never be without it.
  13. I know some reviews have commented on the price, saying it’s just too pricey.
  14. In my personal opinion, this stuff does its job SO well that I find I haven’t needed it to use it again since the first bulk washing (maybe 5-6 wks ago?).
  15. I’m hoping this holds up, and I don’t need to use it every single time I wash these items, once every so often might be just fine.
  16. Some people commented on a chemical-type smell, which I didn’t notice terribly; but again, many of the detergents I’ve tried that are unique to outdoor gear smell like that, so maybe I’m just accustomed to it?
  17. Either way, the benefits still outweigh all the costs in our house.
  18. I do use it alongside the Nikwax “conditioner”, so I’m not sure how much of a difference it made to use them together/if the wash would be as effective alone for us.
  19. I may try and update this review sometime, but for now, I’m beyond happy with the results and plan to just continue using both together.
  20. I started to notice odors; especially in my son’s soccer shirts, that lingered on the clothing even after a wash.
  21. I had read some favorable reviews of Nikwax Base Wash and decided to give it a try.
  22. I like it and plan to continue to use it on our athletic clothing.
  23. There is still some lingering odor in the older jerseys; I’m not sure whether it will eventually come out or not.
  24. UPDATED 9-2014 I have continued to use this product for the last two years and I am a huge fan.
  25. For the few lingering odors in the older clothing (pre Nik Wax) I have found that a soak in white vinegar, followed by a wash and rinse seems to rid the garments of all odors.
  26. The sandals became so foul smelling this year that I couldn’t stand to wear them – especially if in a closed area like a car or indoors.
  27. After searching all over the web for ideas, talking to others who had Keen sandals and finally contacting Keen (manufacturer of the sandals), I learned about this product.
  28. It was actually recommended by Keen as one of the ways to remove the odor.
  29. I ordered it and used it on both pair of sandals and it worked as advertised.
  30. The odor was completely gone and has stayed away for about a month now.
  31. I wear one of the two pair almost daily, so it definitely helped.
  32. I would say it should work on anything that comes in contact with your skin and absorbs sweat / bacteria, resulting in an offensive odor.
  33. It’s worked on everything I’ve tried it on so far anyway.
  34. Only complaints are the price for such a small amount of it – wish it were available in a larger container and not as expensive (it takes 1/2 bottle to wash the sandals once) and the difficulty finding it (not available locally so you almost have to buy online and pay shipping).
  35. I also love my husband but he does generate some sweaty,smelly exercise clothes.
  36. I had a sample of this product and was suprised how well it cleaned and deodorized.
  37. My husband felt it also helped to restore the wicking properties of those clothes.
  38. As mentioned by others it is rather expensive and I seem to get the same results in an older top loading washer using less.
  39. As noted don’t use for regular clothes in the same wash and no other detergent-yes I was skeptical at first too.
  40. They do make a product for mixed clothing.I may try the stuff for waterproof clothing next.
  41. I personally appreciate this company’s dedication to providing a superior product.
  42. Of course, that’s why you use this instead so it cleans the pores of the material.
  43. I used it to wash new and older clothing – seems to work fine but not sure I can tell a difference right off the bat.
  44. We have lots of synthetic running clothes that don’t seem to get clean with regular detergent.
  45. Can’t speak to any improved wicking properties because I haven’t noticed any yet.

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Nikwax BaseFresh

nikwax basefresh

  1. My son often comes home from his soccer games smelling so badly that I have to wash his jersey and socks immediately.
  2. I had been experimenting with the Nikwax Base Wash followed by white vinegar rinse.
  3. This was working on most of his clothes, and did leave a bit of the vinegar aroma after.
  4. As far as the conditioning s concerned, I’m not sure that there is a significant difference.
  5. If there is a significant change in my opinion, I will update this review.
  6. It apparently gets rid of the coating that builds up on the fibers that laundry detergents deposit, even when not using a fabric softener.
  7. I’ve successfully resurrected several older shirts using this product.
  8. I now use it for all my bike clothes every time, in an amount less than the manufacturer states.
  9. I can’t use typical fabric softener with so much of my clothing so I use this and feel safe that i’m not ruining my wool socks or “No Fab Softener” close to the body whicking clothing.
  10. However, it is very difficult to rinse out of HE washed and rinsed clothing (as is everything in my useless Electrolux machines) so I do extra rinses just to be sure.
  11. I also use Nikwax’s Basewash on my baselayers, so I usually just use this product on next-to-skin loads that aren’t all baselayers.
  12. I use it in a downy ball with my normal (mildly scented) detergent and the clothes come out smelling great!
  13. My favorite part is that the scent isn’t overwhelming, but when you’re at the height of a workout, your clothes actually smell fresh, not stinky.
  14. Be aware that a little goes a long way- start out with small amounts to see how you (and people around you) can deal with the scent.
  15. To be fair, the clothes aren’t ever all that stinky, but they are all wicking, and this seems to refresh that quality.
  16. Many detergents leave residues that decrease the ability of wicking fabrics to do their jobs well.
  17. This product removes those, so the clothing/wicking is back to its full effectiveness.
  18. I am a big fan of Nikwax products, and this one is another hit in our household.
  19. Makes baselayers soft and supple, removes odors, and works great as a fabric softener on all synthetics.
  20. I sweat a lot and very easily, and knowing my clothes don’t stink after washing them helps a lot.

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