sticks Nordic walking Spokey zigzag

sticks Nordic walking Spokey zigzag 1
Nordic Walking sticks Spokey Zigzag were prepared for people looking for sticks with the ability to fold. QUALITY We set high standards in front of our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials. CONVENIENCE With the possibility of adjustment in the range of 105-140 cm, the user chooses the stick’s length ideally suited to his needs.

After folding, Nordic Walking poles have a length of 85 cm, which facilitates their transport and storage.

The Zigzag sticks used the shock absorption system-Anti-Shock. Thanks to it, vibrations generated during a dynamic walk are weakened, which translates into a significant increase in the comfort of use. Nordic tips have been added to the Nordic Walking poles to secure the tip.

They should be put on during a walk on hard ground (concrete, asphalt)

TECHNOLOGY The visible end of the tip ensures its high strength and abrasion resistance.

The Anti-shock system reduces the feeling of vibrations transmitted to the reel. PURPOSE Support during walks and trips.


Material-aluminum 6061

Number of sections-2


Fixing the glove-standard

Fastening the stick section-internal

Anti-shock system-yes



Weight (2 sticks)

– 440 g

Length-105-140 cm

Length after folding-85 cm

Included-tip to sticks

Brand: Spokey


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