stick Nordic walking Gabel stretch lite NCS

stick Nordic walking Gabel stretch lite NCS 1
Very durable and flexible thanks to the materials used for its production. Like other adjustable sticks, its coating has been protected in the thermosublimation process and has a TPL regulation system that provides 40% more blocking power than other products available on the market.

The adjustment is made after selecting on the length division and twisting the tubes in the opposite direction with your fingers until the resistance is felt.

The range from 100-125cm allows you to adjust the stick depending on the height of the device. The model has a cork handle with an ergonomic shape with an NCS system that allows the user to put on the handkerchief from the handle with one finger.

The glove is made of soft and durable material strengthened in places exposed to abrasion.

The material used does not cause skin rupture.

The glove has two regulations one on the second velcro in a plastic tip fastened to the handle of the stick.

The model is equipped with cylindrical arrowheads and a set of strengthened rubber pads for hard surfaces. For safety, it also has a reflective sticker. Poles terminated with the tip "Boot".

They also carry the tip thanks to which they can be used on an icy and smooth surface.



Handle-cork with strap

Handle-nylon / PVC


Weight of stick set-400 g

Weight 1 stick-200 g

Adjustment in the range-75-130 cm

Brand: Gabel


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