carbine Ocun condor HMS screw red
The Ocun Condor HMS Screw carabiner, refined in every detail, is distinguished by an ergonomic shape and equipped with a lock to prevent twisting of the equipment during belaying.
The Ocun Condor HMS Screw carabineris characterized by an ergonomic shape, thanks to why it’s great in your hand and provides comfort during belaying.

The variable cross-section of the profile allowed a significant reduction in the weight, similar to the execution of an ultrasound alloy carbine.

Greater width at the point of contact with the rope will ensure less wear and tear and durability. The large clearance makes it easier to attach the rope and manipulation of the equipment, and an additional lock prevents the carabiner from twisting when you attach the connector to the connector.

A zippered zipper has a closing and opening marker, thanks to which it increases safety, especially if the belayer is a beginner climber.



EN-12275; 362: 2004 / B / T

Individual test.



Blush-22 mm



Weight-approx. 84g

Dimensions-122 x 79 mm

Strength-27.10.6 kN


Brand: Ocun

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