coffee Ocun hawk combi pyrimidin mm blue
Light and comfortable in use Hawk Combi DYN 11.

Espresso machine consists of two carabiners selected in such a way as to provide maximum comfort while climbing and possibly reduce the weight of the set.

Hawk Straight is a carabiner with a simple lock.

Thanks to the hot forging technology, it was possible to significantly reduce its weight while maintaining durability.

The patented K-lock nose ensures an extremely smooth use of the rifle while attaching the machine.

The rocket carbine is already well-known Ocun Hawk Wire with a wire lock. It allows you to save several grams. In addition, it is resistant to freezing in the winter season.

The risk of automatic opening when hitting the rock is also reduced. Like Hawk Straight, he is hot forged with light alloys. Both carabiners are anodized.

The set uses Dyneema tape width 11 mm, which for stiffening is stitched over the entire length.



Tape length-10 cm

Carbon fiber carabiner-102 x 53 mm

Straight carabiner-102 x 53 mm

Tape-Dyneema 16mm

Weight-83 g

Durability carab.

– 24.8.8 kN

Tape endurance-22 kN

Brand: Ocun

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