butyl Ocun Rebel qc
Ocun Rebel QC shoes are an aggressive, yet stylish climbing model.

Thanks to the use of very durable Velcro, the fit to the foot is easy and quick. Rebel QC has all the characteristics of your associated counterpart, but allows for quick and convenient assumption and removal thanks to the use of alternating velcro.

Such solution is especially appreciated by boulder players and sport climbers. It will also work well during training sessions.

The concept of the Rebel model was born after the experience gathered during the implementation of the highly-acclaimed Ozone model. The constructions are based on the proven 3D Fit and Asymmetrix hoof-slightly bent, but with a large asymmetry.

The fairly rigid 3D Fit profiling allows you to place the foot, thanks to which all the force is transferred to the attacking finger.

The radically curved front has been designed to provide support to the stuck fingers.

Thanks to the combination of these two things-the shoe provides great efficiency and a very good feeling. and this is not connected to the aching feet. The pieta was also designed to ensure perfect fit and positioning of the foot in one-the most convenient and effective position.

The sole in the Rebel model is made of Grippin Edge rubber.

This mixture was created in Ocun laboratories, previously tested in the prized Stream and Zeal models, it is characterized by fantastic friction and adhesion, and also maintains stability at the edges. In addition-offering high resistance to deformation, allows you to preserve the original cut of the shoes even when intensely climbing. These characteristics allowed to use the advantages of the 3D Fit design in 100%. In addition-the rubber on the heel gained the fact that the car tire tread is a fact.

Such a solution quite significantly increases the efficiency of hook-up.

The Rebel QC model uses alternating Velcro fasteners and split language.

On the one hand, it allows for a very quick and comfortable putting on and taking off the shoe, on the other-it provides comfort and convenience during use. Cholewke is made of synthetic leather, which makes the shoe very easily and easily fit to the foot.

Shoe weight (size 38): approx. 200 g;

Shoe’s weight (size 42): approx. 255 g; Grippin Edge-developed to combine excellent friction and grip with high stability at the edges. It retains its shape even during long hours of use and ensures excellent durability.

Asymmetrix-More curved and sharp.

Anatomically shaped pieta. Recommended for people with narrow feet.

Average stiffness-Supports the muscles of the feet not used to climbing shoes or on longer roads. Quick Closure (QC)

– thanks to the use of very durable Velcro fasteners guarantees high comfort and quick and easy adjustment. It’s a perfect solution for climbers who have to pull and put on shoes every now and then. Beginners: Sredniozaaw: V Advanced: V Upper: Synthetic leather Lining: Polyester Sole: Grippin Edge Asymmetry: Average Patents: Front profile: Sharp Type: Velcro

Brand: Ocun

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