butyl climbing junior Ocun rival
* Ocun Rival shoes are a model designed for children who develop their climbing passions and use boulders, walls or scales.

The shoes provide a high grip thanks to the Grippin Sticky rubber compound, and the microfiber upper is very durable and also has good resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage *.

Extremely popular company Ocun can boast of a huge experience and extensive knowledge of the production of climbing shoes, as evidenced by a huge crowd of fans who wants to choose footwear from the Czech manufacturer. The use of high-quality materials, the design refined to the smallest detail and the involvement in every level of the production process allow the Ocun brand to belong to a close group of leaders on the outdoor market for many years. Children’s shoes Ocun Rival are the quintessence of advanced technologies in the production of climbing footwear aimed at the youngest climbers.

The upper of the Ocun Rival shoe is made of durable microfiber, which is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Thanks to this, the lifespan of this model will be considerably longer, which will allow for the effective acquisition of many walls or scales.

The shoes are fastened with a strong turnip, which will allow them to be installed quickly and conveniently.

The asymmetrical type of hoof has been meticulously crafted to prove itself during sport climbing, improving its efficiency.

On the heel of this model, the manufacturer has put two petelki, which can facilitate the establishment of shoes on the feet.

The flexible tongue expands during the insertion of the foot and hangs on the foot after fastening the turnip. The task of this product is to increase the efficiency of young climbers due to high quality rubber, from which the soles were made.

The Grippin S rubber compound is characterized by very high adhesion, perfectly.

The shoe has a universal profile that will fit almost to any foot. Beginners: V Middle-Savage: V Advanced: Upper: Stynthetic skin (microfiber)

Lining: Sole: Grippin S Asymmetry: Small Patents: Front profile: Sharp Type: Velcro (velcro)

Brand: Ocun

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