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The first preparation on the market with such an advanced amino acid composition! A comprehensive protein preparation, in which the main source of protein are the highest quality enzymatic hydrolysates of two best sources of animal protein-whey protein and chicken proteins.

This combination guarantees the achievement of an amino acid profile unheard of in any other formulation based on hydrolysed proteins. Using in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS®, in addition, the hydrolyzate of chicken proteins increases the content of glycine more than 6-fold, and twice the L-arginine, 1.8-times L-proline and 1.4-times L-alanine. Glycine participates in transfection of signals in the central nervous system, acts as a transmitter (NMDA receptor activator), acts as a substrate for the synthesis of nucleic acid components (necessary for protein synthesis)

and contributes to the proper occurrence of hematopoietic processes (heme synthesis).
L-alanine, in addition to the structural functions of structural proteins of the body, is used in the body of glucose metabolism, thus protecting against muscle muscle catabolism (when pre-workout) or contributing to the rapid replenishment of energy reserves and protein synthesis (post-workout diet) br>. Az 2-fold higher content of L-arginine, in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS®, in comparison with standard protein hydrolysates present on the market, increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, positively affecting blood supply to the muscles and providing them with macronutrients. In addition, a significant supply of L-arginine in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® will stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, which is particularly important in the post-muscle period. Not without significance is the fact that L-arginine, belonging to the group of basic amino acids, plays a significant role in maintaining the acid-base balance of the body, strongly disturbed by intense training. For this reason, its extremely high content, in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS®, is so important.
L-proline, on the other hand, is a key structural amino acid that plays an important role in protein synthesis and general metabolism, rapid wound healing and injury, antioxidative reactions and immune response.Its high content in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® is, therefore, not to be underestimated. Instant absorption kinetics. Instantaneous saturation with blood and muscle amino acids!
Referring to the kinetics of the absorption of this product, based on two- and triple-peptides and, to a large extent, on free amino acids, it is possible to ensure that the athlete’s organism is instantly imbued with essential amino acids and maintain an anabolic state for more than an hour after consumption.

The use of whey protein hydrolyzate (BV = 104)

further enhances the absorption of chicken meat proteins. Both sources of protein ensure the maintenance of positive nitrogen balance in the body, even during the most intense workouts.

The hydrolysates used, in addition, guarantee a high level of amino acids with branched side chains (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, BCAA), which are effective in inhibiting exercise catabolism. Who is ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® for?

The product is intended for all people showing an increased need for excellent quality, very quickly absorbed, protein. Especially for those who are quick to develop muscle-free muscle mass and strength, that is mainly for professional athletes (bodybuilders, weightlifters), but also those practicing recreationally. It perfectly complements regenerative proteins for endurance athletes and combat sports, during the preparatory period as well as pre-start weight reduction. ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® is also an ideal complement to the diet of people exposed to a deficiency of exogenous elements, for overweight people, wanting to get rid of excess fat and for people who lead an active lifestyle, as an additional protein source positively affecting the body regeneration.

ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® will perfectly meet the expectations of women who often neglect the right protein transfer during the weight reduction period.

ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® perfectly suits with the aim of maximizing the increments in high-quality muscle mass, we suggest combining this preparation with carbohydrate CARBONOX® and with creatine chelate magnesium (CREATINE MAGNA POWER®) during the post-workout period.

– OLIMP), in the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

A prominent supplement demonstrating the synergy of action will also be preparations raising the level of testosterone (TRIBUSTERON® 90, ACETOSTERON®).
Best time to eat: immediately after waking up, on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before training and immediately after training.

To maximize fat reduction, it is recommended to combine, in the pre-workout period, ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® with the selected thermogenic product OLIMP companies (Thermo Speed®, Thermo Stim, Therm Line® forte or Therm Line II®, the dose consistent with the manufacturer’s suggestions)

ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® is the first preparation on the market composed with the appropriate hydrolysates specified source of protein, all this to be, in addition to the typical benefits offered by standard products, based on hydrolyzed whey proteins, intensify other metabolic processes , crucial for the harmonic development of the athlete’s body and his ability to exert.

Building a form is not only about muscle care, but also the integrity of all metabolic processes leading to their development, as well as improvement of general efficiency.ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® is the answer of Olimp Laboratories® for all those approaching professionally and comprehensively, for practicing sports. Reference rhinogram #

Nutritional information 1 tablet 5 tablets
in 100 g
Amino acids total 1800 mg 9000 mg 75 g


L-Glutamic acid 261 mg 1305 mg 10 , 9 g

* L-Leucine
141 mg 705 mg 5.9 g

L-Aspartic acid
161 mg 805 mg 6.7 g

* L-Lysine
128 mg 640 mg 5.3 g

173 mg 865 mg 7.2 g

* L-Valine
76 mg 380 mg 3.2 g

* L-Isoleucine
67 mg 335 mg 2.8 g

* L-Threonine
69 mg 345 mg 2.9 g

136 mg 680 mg 5.7 g

L- Serine
69 mg 345 mg 2.9 g

* L-Phenylalanine
54 mg 270 mg 2.2 g

37 mg 185 mg 1.5 g

111 mg 555 mg 4.6 g br>L-Glycine
218 mg 1090 mg 9.1 g

* L-Methionine
31 mg 155 mg 1.3 g

* L-Histidine
26 mg 130 mg 1, 1 g

* L-Cysteine ​​
27 mg 135 mg 1.1 g

* L-Tryptophan
15 mg 75 mg 0.6 g

# The aminogram values ​​can be subject to biological variations typical of natural products.
* Exogenous amino acids Dosage Recommended daily dose: the preparation is used depending on the body weight.
70 kg-6 tab. (3 x 2 tabl.)

70 kg-90 kg-9 tabs (3 x 3 tables)

90 kg-105 kg-12 tabs (3 x 4 tables)

105 kg -15 tab. (3 x 5 tables)

Brand: Olimp


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