burner Optimus crux
Optimus Crux is so lightweight and compact that you will not even feel that you are carrying a powerful 3000-Watt burner in your backpack.

Thanks to the innovative design, allowing the folding of the burner and a convenient case, Crux takes up the minimum space and hides under the bottom of the cartouche with gas. It’s a technical wonder for those who care about the least weight of the equipment and efficient cooking.


– Average cooking time 1l water: 3 min, depending on climate, altitude, etc.

– Average working time: up to 1h with the maximum setting of the burner (using a 220g cartridge)

– Dimensions (cm): 8.4 x 5.7 x 3.1

– Supported fuels: propane / butane / isobutane

– Productivity (BTU): 10200

– Efficiency (W): 3000

– Fuel: propane / butane / isobutane

– Weight: 83 g

Brand: Optimus


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