burner Optimus  crux lite piezo

burner Optimus  crux lite piezo 1
Crux lite is a powerful burner allowing for quick boiling of 1L of water in a short time of 3 minutes. It is one of the lightest stoves in the world available with a piezo electric igniter.

The kit also contains a package for the burner.


– Average cooking time 1L of water: 3 min

– Average burning time: up to 90 minutes with cartridges 230 g

– Dimensions: length 71 mm x width 57 mm x height 56 ​​mm.

– Fuel type: propane / butane gas cartridge

– Power: 3000 W

– Weight: 86 g

Brand: Optimus


Optimus Elektra FE Cook System

optimus elektra cook system 1

  1. The lightweight Crux Lite stove features Heat Exchange Technology and 10,200 BTU of heat output for fast and effortless boiling.
  2. A handheld piezo igniter reliably sparks the Crux Lite stove, and the included hard-anodized aluminum clip-on windshield shelters the cooking flame from mountain breezes and blustery conditions.

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Optimus Elektra Fe Cook System

optimus elektra cook system

  1. It will result in a 20% fuel savings with a 28% faster boil time compared to a normal pot with no lid or windshield.
  2. The Elektra FE cook system includes the Crux Lite gas stove, a heat exchange pot with a lid, a convenient clip-on windshield (which reduces gas consumption and boil time) and a handheld piezo igniter.
  3. Due to its compact size the Elektra FE cook system fits easily into a day pack and adds hardly any weight.
  4. A lot of the cooking stuff I had to carry separately is all ready to go in this compact kit.
  5. I weighed the full set with a medium size 220 gram Coleman butane blend fuel canister and it came in at 824 grams (464 grams without the fuel canister).
  6. I will occasionally use this for backpacking, but mostly for quad camping, so weight isn’t a premium, but compact size is a plus.
  7. The windscreen and heat exchanger ring make this rig a big fuel saver.
  8. The windscreen is constructed with a piece of spring metal at the center, so it will hug the cook pot when being stored.
  9. The larger cook pot is embossed with metric/english measurement scales.
  10. It also has a pour lip located 90 degrees from the handles for easy pouring.
  11. The “frypan” top makes great egg pucks for sandwich thins.
  12. It will do a nice sausage patty too, but you are gonna have to cut up the bacon slices.
  13. The medium size fuel canister, the stove burner head (in its own transport bag), and the Piezo lighter all fit inside the pot system with room to spare.
  14. Also included is a drawstring closure mesh bag that encases the whole system.
  15. I wished the system had an option for the folding model of the Crux burner head.
  16. This would have made even more storage space inside the pots while in their transport configuration.
  17. Never had a system boil faster under normal conditions.
  18. I don’t usually cook food with it but it will get the job done with the wide burner on the stove.
  19. Much better for cooking then msr stoves and most others.
  20. It does lack non stick for cooking but that also gives you the option to use them over a fire.
  21. It all fits together nicely and I even fit a small cook towel and scraper inside for cleaning up.
  22. Cant do any better in my opinion and would highly recommend for all conditions except extreme cold and altitude since the fuel used does not work well in those conditions.
  23. Light, packs small, quick to put together and it heats up fast.
  24. Going on about 5yrs with mine and I absolutely love it.
  25. Other than that this is the absolutely perfect hiking stove.

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