set optimus electra fe cook system

set optimus electra fe cook system 1
The complete OPTIMUS Elektra Fe Cook set includes the Crux Lite torch, a pot with a lid and other necessary tools for cooking.

The stove is efficient thanks to the Fuel Efficient system (28% faster cooking time)

and at the same time consumes 20% less fuel than the cookers equipped with traditional systems.

The dishes are made of light, anodised aluminum, have folded handles and a practical division. The kit contains:

– Crux Lite torch

– Terra Weekend pot 0,9 l with lid

– Windshield Clip-on

– piezo igniter

– cover

Note-the set does not contain a cartouche visible on the pictures, while the size of the pot is adapted to store the cartridge Optimus 220


– Boiling time 0.8 liters of water: approx. 2-3 min.

– Burning time of a 230 g gas cartridge: approx. 90 min

– Dimensions of the set: approx. 170 x o120 mm

– The dimensions of the pot: 12 x o12.5 cm

– Weight of the set: approx. 560 g

Brand: Optimus


Energy by Optimus Gas

energy optimus gas

  1. The canister is protected from damages with a smart seal that indicates if the canister is unused or not.
  2. It came in a padded envelope and wrapped in brown paper via USPS.
  3. The package was small enough to be left in a standard mailbox.
  4. The stove threaded on to the top perfectly and I could not detect any leakage on the threading or un-threading.
  5. The protective plastic top is easily removable with the tab, but I doubt it will come off without being pulled on by hand.
  6. My girlfriend explained that the curvature of the spork opposite the curved potlid tab are for holding a fuel canister, so I shopped for a small one and found this at a good price.
  7. One can lasted my group of five people just over 3 days in conjunction with my optimus stove.
  8. Overall I think we must have boiled close to 15 liters from this one can.
  9. I did notice in the cooler mornings the flame output seemed sluggish compared to during the warmer afternoon and evening hours.
  10. Given that, I would suggest keeping the can warm overnight for better overall cooking efficiency.
  11. This blend has served me well from winter in the sierras to high winds in desert of death valley.
  12. I’ve had 0 problems with any equipment that I’ve used with these cans.
  13. Optimus has some of the best quality to price ratios in the outdoor business.
  14. I have depended on these gas blends, I have bet my life on them, and they’ve never let me down.
  15. I had a little trouble with one (for the first time) on a recent trip where the temperature was 5-10 degrees F, with winds on of 5-20mph, and constant snow fall.
  16. It was my fault for leaving this out for an hour or two while I was doing other things and getting the fire going–I know should have kept it warm between uses.
  17. But I think the MSR and Snowpeak gases work a little better in those conditions.
  18. I swear this thing gets a lot more boils out of it than advertised.
  19. Beware, if you’re using it in weather below 20 degree you want to keep this in your pocket or sleeping bag or the fuel may liquify and misfire – that’s standard for all stove fuels though.
  20. This size canister also fits perfectly in my Optimus stove.
  21. I’ll never buy an off brand fuel canister after using this stuff.
  22. This is a much larger canister than I was expecting and last a lot longer than I was expecting.
  23. If you were to use this for a long backpack trip, I would estimate it would last at least 2 weeks if you used it to cook three meals a day.
  24. There are probably cheaper options, but this one just works.

Buy Energy by Optimus Gas here $3.89 – $21.14

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