polo mesh penalty pro
Marrow Slip System-Penalty technology, a special valve that makes the needle feeding even easier. Made of silicone rubber, it does not pass through by increasing its lifespan.

Airbility Technology-a special Penalty technology, which makes the ball more stable, does not change the trajectory, keeps air longer, does not change under the influence of high temperatures. Vulcanized with the highest quality microfiber.


Number of panels-18


Diameter-65-67 cm.

Weight-260-280 g.

Pressure-4-5 LBS.


Produced-in Brazil

Brand: Penalty


RefEDGE PRO 6-Pack Vanishing Referee Spray 3.2 oz

refedge pro pack vanishing referee spray oz

  1. No need to bend over to mark the field anymore – keep your eyes on the game.
  2. Our design also warns you when you only have a few sprays left in the can, preventing you from running out in the middle of a critical free-kick.
  3. Surprise your tournament teams with the latest product soccer has to offer.
  4. The 6-pack container easily converts to a retail-ready shelf display box for single cans.
  5. You can spray from around 3ft away and get a good line.
  6. Waiting on the holder as this can is thin at around 34mm diameter and does not fit in most clips, but it does fitting a belt I have.

Buy RefEDGE PRO 6-Pack Vanishing Referee Spray 3.2 oz here $59.49

NHL Newborn “Penalty Box Kid” Long sleeve Coverall

nhl newborn penalty box kid long sleeve coverall

  1. Designed with style and comfort in mind for a look and feel you and the baby will both love.

Buy NHL Newborn “Penalty Box Kid” Long sleeve Coverall here $25.16 – $28.00

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