pipe speedo quest snorkel
Discover the underwater world with this comfortable device! Do you want to get to know the magical underwater world?

For these pleasures, you will be able to swim SPEEDO Quest Snorkel! The perfect solution, to see for yourself what is hidden under the surface of the sea or the lake. Made of high quality silicone, it has a special valve. It is located at the bottom of the pipe. It allows you to extract air outside, at the same time blocking the pouring of water inside.

The use of water to the pipe is also prevented by a special anti-wave tip. All this to provide you with the greatest comfort and safety! The SPEEDO pipe will allow you to breathe without having to come up with your head. It’s very convenient! You will be able to swim peacefully and visit the so-called mysterious soils that have not been available to date.

The pipe also works well during non-respiratory diving.

The flow of water through the tube is then completely blocked.


– laxative valves

– silicone mouthpiece

– sliding clamp handle

– PU tube

Brand: Speedo


Dry Snorkel Tube by ZannoPro – Safe & Durable Snorkeling Gear Upgraded Splash Guard,Purge Valve & Flexible Tube,Easy Breathing+BONUS Waterproof Phone Case & Deluxe Gift Box

dry snorkel tube zannopro safe amp durable snorkeling gear upgraded splash guard

  1. Our scuba diving dry snorkel tube will make their next trip to the ocean simply unforgettable!
  2. Sick and tired of having to rely on flimsy and impractical snorkel swim gear?
  3. The ZANNOPRO new and upgraded scuba diving snorkel is here to help you swim like a fish!
  4. No more water coming in and no more uncomfortable mouthpieces for you!
  5. The one-way purge valve, upgraded splash guard and flexible design will maximize your underwater breathing efficiency and help you feel comfortable and relaxed!
  6. This snorkeling gear have the perfect balance between the ergonomic shape and his capacity of airflow intake, so you can breathe effortlessly, even when you put too much effort in swimming,scuba diving or spearfishing.
  7. EASY PURGE SYSTEM WITH EXTRA LARGE CHAMBER!– There may be times when water gets into your adult dry snorkel but it can easily be cleared out with the one way purge valve.
  8. Water can even be cleared out of the dry top snorkel while under water.
  9. Because we trust our products, if something ever happens to your Snorkel Gear, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side.
  10. Are you sick and tired of having to stop every 5 minutes to clear your snorkel from salt water?<
  11. Looking for professional diving gear that will allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted snorkeling session?<
  12. Introducing The Ultimate Dry Snorkel For Smooth Breathing By ZANNOPRO!<
  13. Make snorkeling a breeze with our premium diving snorkel tube, which will allow you to breathe like Aquaman Dive Head-First Into Your Ocean Adventures In Unparalleled Style & Comfort!
  14. Unlike other impractical and low-quality dry snorkels, our scuba diving tube features a flexible design and a comfortable mouthpiece so that you can relax and concentrate on the beauty of the seabed!
  15. Plus, the eye-catching red and black colors will surely impress everyone!
  16. We want to make your experience as perfect as possible, that’s why we proudly offer you: 1 x FREE Waterproof Clear Phone Case – So you can award-winning underwater pics effortlessly!<
  17. BONUS Luxurious Gift Box– Why spend money on gift wrapping?
  18. I used it in shallow and deep waters and no water leaked in at all.
  19. When resurfacing after diving deep down, the snorkel cleared easily and efficiently and I could breath so easily.
  20. I like the packaging to, perfect to make a nice gift for my son.
  21. He loved it so much he tested in the sink before going out ;).
  22. Giving the snorkel as a gift to my kid and nabbed the waterproof case for myself!
  23. Love the technology behind this snorkel and how long it is!<
  24. Great design and vibrant color.The purge valve was especially effective and didn’t deteriorate; which I’ve experienced with previous snorkels.
  25. Also when diving below the surface the dry top valve worked well, minimising the ingress of water into the snorkel.
  26. It has a removable clamp which essentially means you just leave the attaching mechanism on the goggles and then clamp the snorkel in when you need it.
  27. While testing it on my vacation,I’ve tried to get somehow water in it , but I couldn’t !
  28. I’m happy to have the bonus waterproof case for my phone too – I will definitely use!<

Buy Dry Snorkel Tube by ZannoPro – Safe & Durable Snorkeling Gear Upgraded Splash Guard,Purge Valve & Flexible Tube,Easy Breathing+BONUS Waterproof Phone Case & Deluxe Gift Box here

Speedo Kid’s Aqua Quest Mask/Snorkel/Fin Set

speedo kid aqua quest mask snorkel fin set

  1. It comes from our Speedo Dive family of products which feature quality construction, an ergonomic fit, and serious comfort for all day play.
  2. Your child is sure to have many hours of enjoyment while swimming and exploring in the water with this brightly colored set.
  3. While some hang out at the beach or poolside, others hang out in the water.
  4. And they want products that are fun, functional, comfortable, fashionable, and a good value.
  5. Speedo equals better fit, performance, quality, and innovation.
  6. But we aren’t just about race suits and competitive swimming.
  7. At Speedo, we are all about helping you get more out of the water: more fun, more fitness, more comfort… well, you get the idea.
  8. Which explains why more elite swimmers swim (and win) with us than any other brand on the planet.
  9. And if you’re not living life in the competitive lanes, we’ve got you covered for all your fitness and recreation needs for the entire family.
  10. But the set is plenty for backyard snorkeling and free-diving training for a 10-year old.
  11. Other of the flippers cracked in join of the foot case and the fin after 4h of use.
  12. There are better options for more serious underwater sports.
  13. Since its winter we haven’t water tested it yet but the kids love wearing the mask around the house so we are getting some enjoyment already.
  14. My daughter was so frustated – we threw them out the same day.
  15. She had been wanting a snorkle and flippers so I got them for her birthday and she was so upset she couldn’t use them.
  16. The plastic part of the mask that goes on your face was sharp and put small papercut-like slices on her forehead and sides of her face.
  17. The fins ripped after my 8 year old used them for the first time–in a lake no less.
  18. I was surprised how poor these were made considering that we purchased an off-brand in Florida for half the price several years ago and they’re still in perfect working condition!
  19. We ordered them for a trip we were taking a few weeks after we ordered them only to get to our destination with them broken!<
  20. Fins are hard plastic and broke the first time they were put on.
  21. I would return but the kids like playing with them as land toys.

Buy Speedo Kid’s Aqua Quest Mask/Snorkel/Fin Set here $13.34 – $34.95

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