fins aqualung hydrostream yellow black
Made of modern, very durable plastics-rubber and polymers.

They ensure optimal comfort-to-power ratio.

Special construction and flexibility direct the water stream to the rear thus increasing the strength of the string and the speed of the fin.
Aqua Lung used here the structure of the fins equipped with special holes that provide water flow and thereby reduce fatigue legs.

– Durable fins for adults
– Low weight of fins
– Handles for installing and retrieving fins
– The fin of the fin provides optimal force transfer and water flow efficiency
– Available sizes: 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45,
– 38/39 (shoe length 24 cm / dl 50 cm)
– 40/41 (shoe length 25.5 cm / dl 52,5 cm)
– 44/45 (shoe length 28.5 cm / dl 58 cm)

Brand: AquaLung


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