polarized glasses sports l lozano

polarized glasses sports l lozano 1
Lozano glasses are recommended for drivers, people actively resting in the open air and for sportsmen.

The polarizing lens stops excessive ultraviolet radiation and eliminates distortions and reflections.

The luminaire is made of aluminum and magnesium, thanks to which the glasses are ultra-light and durable.

Thanks to the specially designed construction of the eyepieces, they ideally match the shape of the face.

They provide comfort and convenience while playing sports. For each piece of eyeglass case, case and cloth for free.


– Polarized sport sunglasses black

– Polarized cured lens with a thickness of 1.1mm

– SLR camera

– Luminaire made of aluminum and magnesium alloy

– Highest quality, excellent design

– Case, pouch and cloth for free

– Product Index: 0146

– Size: Universal

– Frame color: Black

– Polarization: Yes

– Weight: 0.06 kg

– Lampholder: Aluminum-magnesium

– Undercoat: None

Brand: Lozano

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