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Lozano sports polarized sunglasses are designed for athletes, drivers and for everyone actively resting in the open air.

The polarizing lens absorbs one hundred per cent harmful UV radiation, ensures the highest contrast in the image, eliminates reflections, distortions and reflections.

The luminaire is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy, thanks to which the glasses are very durable and also ultra-light.

Adjustable nose pads and an ergonomic eyepiece profile make them ideally suited to the shape of the face.

They provide comfort and convenience. For each piece, case, cover and cloth for free.


– Polarized graphite sports glasses

– Polarizing lens

– hardened with a thickness of 1.1 mm

– Luminaire made of aluminum and magnesium alloy

– Highest quality, excellent design

– Glasses for athletes, drivers and for everyday use.

– For each pair of eyeglass cases, case and cloth for free

– Universal model for men, women

– Product Index: 0179

– Size: Universal

– Frame color: Graphite

– Polarization:Yes

– Weight: 0.06 kg

– Lampholder: Aluminum-magnesium

Brand: Lozano

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses With 5 Interchangeable Lenes for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002

torege polarized sports sunglasses with interchangeable lenes for men women cycl

  1. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light,make the scenery more clear and soft and protect eyes perfectly.
  2. The Main one is colourful lense ,the yellow one is for night activities,the balck one is polarized for driving and other activities.
  3. CLEAR, SUPERLIGHT, STYLISH AND DURABLE- Cool Rimless jacket frame design enables clear lower vision field.
  4. Lightweight design is ideal for motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities.
  5. Fashion and stylish design, with rich color combinations of frames and lens.
  6. Polycarbonate lens and frames are impact, scratch resistant, durable and unbreakable.
  7. SOFT RUBBER NOSEPAD,Let Your Nose Feel Comfortalbe While Wearing Torege Sports sunglasses for Cycling Running Fishing Golf .
  8. LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY ON FRAME- Frames and lens are unbreakable for no risk purchasing.
  9. In case any broken problem happens, contact the seller of Torege without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction.
  10. Torege provides lifetime after sale service for all Torege products.
  11. DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- All Torege customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  12. Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason.
  13. Polarized lenses block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays 

    ▷ Great fashion frame design for cycling, running, fishing etc.

  14. Soft Rubber Nosepad,Let Your Kids Feel Comfortalbe While Wearing This.
  15. Only the Main Black Lens are Polarized Lens against strong sunlight, the other 4 lenses are colored sunglasses for different environmental condition.
  16. CARE: 

    Please use neutral detergent or soap water to clean, gently wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

  17. I tried Duduma, Hodgsons & Tsafrer all of which fit very poorly and I returned all of them.
  18. I’m quite glad I didn’t give up on trying to find a decent pair of inexpensive cycling glasses.
  19. The top of the frame sits close to my brow without rubbing.
  20. The bottom of the lens is about finger width from my cheek providing enough ventilation but still protecting against debris/dust/insects.
  21. They wrap around far enough to provide peripheral vision protection from glare and don’t split the peripheral field of vision.
  22. Additionally, the ease of changing lenses compared to the others is outstanding.
  23. The nose piece slides easily down to release the lens and the lens itself is very easily removed from the frame.
  24. The others were so difficult I was concerned I would break parts just trying to “pop” parts in and out of place.
  25. The Torege glasses are lightweight without feeling flimsy or unstable during vigorous activity.
  26. The packaging (case & accessories) is very well designed and attractive.
  27. They were delivered as shown in the picture with the blue shiny lens, but a quick change to the light blue (under 1 minute) and I installed the light blue.
  28. They are good looking, even on an over 50 person like myself.
  29. It is likely these would scratch with abuse, but I don’t intend to be changes lenses very often.
  30. It was funny, out for an early evening bike ride last night, my daughter commented on them as to why I needed glasses and sure enough she got a bug in her eye about 15 minutes later.
  31. You get FIVE lenses, all for different purposes (with directions as to what their intended use is).
  32. Saw some comments on here about people’s heads getting squeezed by these.
  33. I was kind of doubtful about them at first, mostly because I’m a cheapskate in general and these were over my usual budget of 10 bucks.
  34. I got these for a little under 20 during the Christmas season and it came with a hard case, five different shades, a cleaning cloth, and a soft pouch.
  35. And, as per usual, I’ve already scratched the blue lens, which is one of the reasons why I usually don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses.
  36. I also have to admit, being a female and trying to find glasses is kind of difficult if you don’t want the sunglasses that have rhinestones and hearts and flowers all over them, or if you want to have sunglasses that actually block the light from your eyes and don’t just ‘look pretty.’
    Well, these look pretty and they protect my eyes wonderfully!
  37. My eyes are also extremely sensitive to the sun and the blue lenses do a great job of filtering out the sun.
  38. The pictures try to show you how “durable these are, but mine were pretty much falling apart right out of the box.
  39. They look awesome and the interchangeable lens are very nice.
  40. I purchased two pairs, one for my husband and one for myself.
  41. We use the polarized lens while fishing and they work well.
  42. The lens are clear and and come clean easily with the cloth.
  43. I love the cases that easily store all the different lens and the glasses when you are not wearing them.
  44. We have paid a lot more money for other sunglasses that are not near as nice as these sunglasses.
  45. Left them in my car overnight and I thought I had ran over a wild animal, to my surprise it was the rubber and plastic off gassing.

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Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for men women Baseball Running Cycling Fishing Golf Tr90 Durable Frame

duduma polarized sports sunglasses for men women baseball running cycling fishin

  1. We have upgrade the frame with stronger Germany polycarbonate material, adopt Japan-made 7 layers TAC polarized lens to avoid peel off.
  2. Duduma always take customer satisfaction as our priority.
  3. PRODUCTS DIMENSION-Lens height:43 mm (1.69 inches); lens width: 69mm (2.7 inches); leg length: 133mm(5.23 inches); nose bridge: 15mm (0.6 inches); frame length: 141mm (5.6 inches).
  4. SUPERLIGHT, STYLISH, DURABLE- Lightweight design is ideal for usage by motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities enthusiasts.
  5. LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY ON FRAME & LENS – Frames and lens are unbreakable for no risk purchasing.
  6. In case any broken problem happens, contact the seller of Duduma without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction.
  7. Duduma provides lifetime after sale service for all Duduma products.
  8. DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- All Duduma customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  9. And these different colors sunglasses for men and women are best choose for your reference.
  10. With comfort, lift, and spirituality in mind to fit your activities, our polarized sunglasses have a filter that reduces glare from reflecting surfaces (water, snow, road pavement) which interfere with vision, and we insist on doing well in creating cool eyewear from appearance not only protection function.

    ▷Multiple lenses colors are available for this style and you could choose any one you like, they could bring you a colorful mood in the all days.

  12. Light-weight sunglasses can hardly feel them on your face, but they are durable sunglasses could be highly useful for any sports to make you feel more comfortable.
  13. UV400 sunglasses lens, the lens can restore a vivid colorful world against the dust and without like UVA,UVB rays and other harmful lights.
  14. The anti-scratch coatings are now even improved, which becomes harder and stronger with a high quality.
  15. To avoid damage, never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps, just use clean water and included cloth in case.
  16. We are responsible for all our products, for any quality problems for any time.
  17. So they aren’t unbreakable but they’re pretty dang good for the money.
  18. The first time I got the white and blue ones (The white ear part does get a little discolored, but not bad) and this time I got the grey ones.
  19. I see a lot of pics on the reviews here that make them look like they are too big for some people’s heads.
  20. Of course, teenagers want the big brands that parents would be crazy to pay!
  21. I tried several brands but they either do not fit right, lenses pop out, can’t see out of them or they aren’t really polarized.
  22. They come with a very nice protective zip up case that protects them, a quality card from Dudema with all the needed customer service/warranty info (thanks Dudema, would have lost it), a microfiber cleaning cloth and a drawstring bag.
  23. They are comfy, and they do not leave those ugly nose marks when you take them off.
  24. They do not leave marks on the side of the face either.)
    Vision: The polarized lenses are excellent (work really well here in hot & sunny Louisiana!).
  25. Great for driving, work, jogging, hiking or just outdoors.
  26. Sturdiness: My son is rough on shades, he has broken at least 2 pair of Oakleys since last Christmas.
  27. He has dropped these down a flight of stairs and he has put them down on his old 3- wheeler, popped a wheelie, and knocked them to the ground.
  28. Cleaning: They will show fingerprints, like most lenses, but clean quickly and easily with the cloth or even a T-shirt.
  29. Cons: A little light feeling in the hand, but actually made for a better fit.
  30. Other than my son and his Dad arguing over them!)

    I will be purchasing more in different styles.

  31. No more ridiculous prices for a stylish pair of shades.
  32. Unfortunately, I went to open them up and they snapped right where the plastic went into the rubber for the ears.
  33. I see they have a lifetime breakage warranty, but I’m having trouble finding out how to contact them directly.
  34. I also see an update that they’ve improved their plastic.
  35. Note, I bought these in January 2016, and they broke a couple weeks ago.
  36. Update 6/22/2017
    I moved these up to 5 because of the customer service.
  37. Within 2 days of me writing this review and contacting them they requested more details and pictures of the damage spot.
  38. It was about a day after I sent them, they sent me a link to pick a replacement pair, and within 5 days (including the weekend) I had a new pair in my hands!
  39. Fantastic customer service, I would definitely order from them again.
  40. I bought these glasses just based off from the reviews, and they were all right!
  41. After getting these, I have told everyone how great they are, especially for the price!<
  42. I’ve had them for over a week and I really can’t tell a difference between them and the previous pair of Oakleys.
  43. If these hold up for a year, at 1/4 of the cost, it’ll be worth it.
  44. My original pair were defective, but Duduma replaced them and my new pair has been problem free.
  45. They came with a super nice hard case, carrying pouch and lens cloth to.
  46. They look really nice and there’s no glare in the lens.
  47. My husband has a big head and it’s tough to find sunglasses that fit well.
  48. These have a curved-like frame so they don’t feel so tight around the ears and side of your head.
  49. My husband wants me to buy another set to keep as a spare.
  50. They fit very securely and is the first pair we have been able to find that haven’t given him any problems staying on his face.
  51. They arrived quickly and came with a very nice protective zip up case, drawstring bag and a microfiber cleaning cloth which was definitely an added bonus I wasn’t expecting!
  52. In the past I have always had a problem finding him a good quality pair of sunglasses that weren’t too expensive, since kids can tend to lose/break things easily, and these have been the best I have been able to find!
  53. They’re very light weight, sleek and comfortable, and don’t leave any marks on his nose or face.
  54. The polarized lenses make for a very clear view as well.
  55. My son loved the colors I chose for him (white/blue) and said that all his friends have asked him where he got them from because they all want a pair now!
  56. All in all, they are a great pair of sunglasses that I am more than satisfied with and will definitely be purchasing more of in different colors for him and his brother in the near future!
  57. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  58. He is so excited to use these fishing and when he’s working in the yard .
  59. I love the polarized feature but I think it may be quality of sunglasses.

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